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06 Oct

There  is a verse every pastor, missionary, church leader and believer needs to read and understand BEFORE the attempt to lead others in bible studies, sermons, classroom lectures and so on. It is one of those verses which provide the right biblical information that puts people on the right track when studying and teaching the Bible.

Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures. (Luke 24:45)

The bold words are the key.  Believers need their minds opened in order to understand what God is saying. Too many people think they know what the Bible teaches but they are gravely mistaken and too many of God’s people are fed erroneous information. Too many people run to their books, their friends, their pastors, Sunday School teachers, their professors or other speakers before asking God to help them understand what they are studying.

To learn what God wants us to learn we need to do step one first in order for us to see the truth and grow in the faith. We need to go to God first and have our minds opened if we want to be successful in making disciples of others and be strong to withstand the attacks that come from evil. Along with being strong Christians with a strong faith.

To get scripture right we need to follow the correct information God has included in the Bible to help us.

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