What Kind Of God?

03 Oct

We are continuing our series on different gospels and our text for this post is found in 1 Peter 1:16

because it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.

We will be asking the same question over & over at first as we address those who do not accept the Bible as written. We need to ask the same question to illustrate the weakness of the arguments of those who bring a different gospel. We are going to start with our origins and the theistic evolutionists and progressive creationists.

These two groups’ main argument is that the ancient people were too inferior scientifically & intellectually and were not able to understand the processes involved in the development of life thus God gave them a nice bed time story about speaking and everything came into existence; even though in reality he did not create as he said he did in Genesis. In other words, these two groups want us to think that God did not tell Moses, his friend, the truth and the instructed his friend to mislead the people he chose to be his very own.

What kind of God is that who would mislead his friend and then have him tell lies to his chosen people, then thousands of years later let someone who rejected him learn he truth of his creative act?

Then we have those people, and there is not one specific label or grouping of them as they are found everywhere, who claim Noah’s flood was not global but only a local deluge. These people make all sorts of scientific arguments against a global flood and against Gen. 6-9, trying to represent God as presenting another fairy tale to make a spiritual point.

We must ask, what kind of God would tell a story about punishing unrepentant sinners in such a grand manner but does not actually punish them as he said? Dr. Wilmington (we quote him in our website,), points out that God would have made a false promise if the flood was only a local one.  He said that God promised not to send another flood yet we have myriads of local floods taking place around the world throughout history.

Next we have the minimalists who say that everything that took place in the Bible before Omri, the first king o the northern kingdom, did not happen & were stories cobbled together by priests and elites who  had ulterior motives– to enslave a nation of people. But what kind of God would allow for imaginary events be recorded in his holy word and does nothing to bring the true history of his chosen people to his people?

The last group in this point we will look at are the Progressive Christians. This group of people claim that much of the NT was written for the 1st century church an does not apply to the 21st century institution. They use the books of Corinthians as prime examples of this thinking. They feel that God was only writing to the new church and subsequent centuries were on their own in figuring out what God wanted them to do.

So we have to ask, what kind of God would only provide instructions to the initial church but leave the ext 20 centuries without his clear direction? And finally, what kind of God would tell his people to be holy like him yet does nothing but sin and leave his people without any rules or guidelines to ensure that his followers achieve his objective?

The people who bring a different gospel represent God as a weak being incapable of creating as he said he did; as a being who lies to his friends and misleads his own people;who cannot do as he said he did nor even record history accurately. Who could have confidence in a god like that? For that matter who would want to follow a god like that or even win souls for him? who would even acknowledge that they are his followers?

But this is what he bringers of a different gospel do. They make God out to be a being in desperate need of a savior not the holy, just, fair and powerful God that he is.The bringers of a different gospel bring a different god than the one described in the Bible. The changes they make in the Bible change who God is and paints a different picture of God than the one God paints of himself.

How they do this is very simple. They do not rely upon alternative manuscripts or inspired words of god to make these changes, they just simply cut out the parts of scripture they do not like or take it upon themselves to edit scriptures and change the word of God t fit their beliefs. Marcion did it in the first century; Thomas Jefferson did it in the 18th century; Joseph Smith did it in the 19th century nd many other groups and individuals have done it throughout history.

They do not have any verifiable alternative inspired words of God to support their arguments that the Bible is in error. They only have their fallible, subjective personal preferences and beliefs. They have nothing from God that authorizes them to edit the Bible their way. It is only their unbelief that leads them to make changes to God’s word.

They cannot believe God created everything by speaking; they cannot believe that God could send a global flood; they cannot believe that God recorded actual history correctly and they cannot believe that Go left instructions for his church for all eras and cultures. Nor can they believe he left guidelines to help us meet his demand to be holy.

But that is what he did. He created as he said in Gen. 1; sent a flood as he said in Gen. 6-8; he recorded actual history from Exodus to the books of Kings an Chronicles an other books and he left the NT church rules, guidelines, and instructions to follow so that the members will grow strong spiritually from the 1st century to the 21st.

He did not lie, mislead or do any sinful act so many bringers of a different gospel accuse him of doing. This is why we have different books in the NT warning us about false teachers and teachings. God has not left us on to make our own way in the world or be on our own. He has provided us with the information and the help we need to get the Christian life correct.

We my have dominion over this would but we do not have dominion over God’s word. Our job is not to change what God has said to fit our desires but to get to the truth with the help of the Holy Spirit and make sure we are actually following the Holy Spirit in the process. The HS does not lead us to disobey God or his word


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