Many Church Members…

03 Oct

can be compared to the little boy I saw over the weekend playing with a friend. The little boy had boxing gloves on and his friend the mitt trainers use to protect their hands when the boxer hits them. The little boy was having fun flailing away thinking he was boxing’ when all he was doing was looking ridiculous. I do not know if the boy would reject real training or not as they were just playing but I know many people would reject serious training for it means giving up their fun and becoming a real boxer who would have to participate in real fights.

Many church members practice their faith in the same manner. Flailing away thinking they are doing something spiritual because they are having fun when in reality they are doing nothing but looking ridiculous. They reject serious training for that would mean that they would have to grow up and be spiritual adults as Paul said we are to be and they would have to participate in real and serious spiritual battles.

They would be robbed of their fun, robbed of doing the easy parts of the Christian faith and face serious injury because they finally grew up and knew what to do and had more knowledge than the basics of the faith. Like that little boy, they like the fun of flailing away but want no part of real warfare. They rather remain useless for God thinking they are doing something for him instead of allowing themselves to be properly trained and actually doing something for God.

We (the church world) wonder why the church is not making the impact it should in today’s world and we really do not have to look far to see the reason why. Too many people play at church, this includes mega churches, wanting only the fun aspects and shun the real work where their hands need to get dirty and they a little spiritual bloody.

Our question is– is it too late to do something about this apathetic spiritual attitude?

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