Ron Wyatt- Redux

26 Sep

Our name is theologyachaeology thus we will deal with archaeological topics as often as we can. Today is one of those times as we need to look at the late Ron Wyatt. Although he has been dead for almost 20 years, we run into people who still read bout him and see his videos and think he was a credible archaeologist and Christian.

We have not looked at what he believed and while he was known to be a 7th Day Adventist we do not know if he held on to the cultic beliefs that religious order taught or if he moved with the reformers away from those same cultic believes.

Maybe our readers can provide some information on that aspect of Mr. Wyatt’s life. What we do know is that he was a charlatan, a fraud and the following quotes from the book The Gold of Exodus by Mr. Howard Blum written in 1998 should further cement that fact.

Wyatt, as provocative as any temptress, played to Fasold”s passion: treasure.  He knew about a fabulous treasure buried deep in the plain surrounding a mountain in Saudi Arabia. (Pg. 38)

It seemed that Sumran & Wyatt had worked out a contract they wanted Fasold to sign…Should commercial minerals be located by the surveys…Mr. Samranel-Muatainy is to receive 75% of the profits, Mr. David Fasold & Mr. Ronald Wyatt are to receive the remaining 25 per cent. (pg. 41)

Fasold couldn’t help feeling he was being set-up, everything was so rushed while clearly Samran & Wyatt had been cooking up this little scheme for some time. (pg. 41)

On page 45 there are more quotes exposing more of Mr. Wyatt’s true colors. He claimed to be on a mission from God for much of his work but we have doubted that claim for many years now. This information puts that claim in further doubt and on very rocky ground.

Mr. Wyatt and his discoveries have been thoroughly refuted over the years yet there are still those who think he was on the level. He was not. At best he was a very misguided soul who has led many to faulty archaeological conclusions as well as theological ones.

We are willing to listen to credible, legitimate rebuttals on these quotes and the information they contain but the rebuttal must be credible and come from legitimate sources.  We will not accept hearsay or emotional arguments or sans any verifiable facts and evidence.

Suffice it to say that believers cannot simply and blindly take the word of those who claim to be Christian or claim that they have heard from God. Their beliefs, actions and behavior must line up with God’s commands, instructions and that means the believer cannot be lazy. They also cannot be ignorant of God’s truth.

There will always be charlatans looking to fool people, one such person is Simcha Jacobovici who has produced as much erroneous information about the Bible as Mr. Wyatt has. They will be slick in their presentation so be wise, be discerning and be careful and remember you may not see the charade right away.

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