Lord, Lord

26 Sep

This post is in conjunction with out previous God bless post where we talked about how can we expect God to bless anyone when they do not correctly follow God’s commands.

This verse is well-known, why do you call me Lord lord yet do not do the things I say, and we can see this taking place today as many in the church reject what God has said throughout the Bible yet still call Jesus their Lord. By rejecting we do not merely mean the passages on creation and the flood but so many passages of scripture in the NT which provide God’s instruction for the church yet do not follow accepted and popular cultural ideas.

If we are going to call Jesus Lord then we need to obey God’s instructions while rejecting those revisions from those who do not like what God has said. We need to do so humbly and with the correct idea of love for while we are to love our neighbors that love does not lead us to violate our love for God and his instructions to us.

In other words, we do not accept those who want to alter God’s word because they want to practice their own ideas. Our love for God keeps us in obedience to him and his word. Our love for God has us learning the truth and proclaiming that instead of saying that secular culture influences what God wrote in the Bible.

As Jesus prayed, your word is truth, (and we quoted that verse in our Unity post), we cannot get to the truth if we keep allowing people to change it to fit their desires. God does not follow culture; he has provided the instructions it needs to see the right way to go and unbelievers cannot see the right way to go if the people of the church keep changing God’s word to fit current cultural practices.

Love for God does not tell us to alter God’s word.

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