Aliens Did Not Do It

15 Sep

If you had the opportunity to watch the documentary Expelled: Intelligence not allowed, you would have seen a prominent secular scientist say that life came to this earth via crystals. There are many such ideas out there and we know of some people who think that if aliens were real their existence would blow christianity out of the water.

Both ideas are false of course but that doesn’t stop researchers from trying to find alien life and those who could have brought life to this planet. There is an article that talks about this idea and it is found at the following link:

And they say:

Scientists who believe in the theory of Darwinian evolution reason that if life evolved on Earth by mere random chance, then it must have evolved elsewhere, too. Evolutionists are desperate to show Earth is just one of thousands of planets that could potentially support life

And this is true. We have heard of this thinking long ago and secular astronomers have been diligently searching for life outside of this planet for decades.But the thinking of those evolutionists is flawed for any number of rational reasons. One important reason is that there is no evidence to support that thinking. Even though astronomers have found earth-like planets, according to their criteria,those planets are disqualified from entertaining life when one takes a close look at the logistics surrounding them. For example:

First, scientists announced the discovery of an Earth-sized planet in our own cosmic backyard, merely 4.2 light years away. The planet, Proxima b, orbits Proxima Centauri, the star closest to our solar system.

When one takes a close look at the logistics they will see that this discovered planet has no gravity for it does not revolve, no water and it is closer to its sun than Mercury is to our own. Plus the fact that it takes 18 days to orbit its sun. So in reality, this newly discovered planet may have the size of the Earth but it is NOT like it at all.


A few days later, news broke that scientists in Russia had detected a star, about the size of our sun, emitting an unusual signal from 95 light years away

This is just wishful thinking as the author of that article explains why that signal could be found at all:

Other scientists see nothing exceptional about the signals picked up by the Russian astronomers. Researchers detected the signal in only one of 39 passes using a radio telescope. Many things, like satellite communication, military operations, and natural phenomena, could account for the signal, which did not repeat or pulse in any way that would suggest it carried coded information.

Desperate and wishful thinking on the part of the unbelieving scientists leads them to such erroneous ideas. They are desperate because they have rejected God and the truth and are anxiously looking for anything that would justify that rejection. The unbeliever would welcome alien life for then they would have an alternative life form to believe in even though that life form cannot do what God of the Bible can nor even come close to who God is.

We have a theory and it is only a theory that the idea of aliens kidnapping humans will be the unbelievers’ story when they try to explain the mysterious disappearance of so many believers via the rapture. We also think that attacking aliens will be the battle cry when Jesus returns to this world. What a better way to rally divided humans than to let every nation think that the whole world is under attack as described in so many alien movies throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

We can’t prove those theories but we have not heard of any better idea about how the remaining people will explain the mass disappearance. One thing we can say is that aliens did not seed this planet with life. There are just too many unanswered questions that remove that idea from contention. These questions go like this:

  1. why earth?
  2. why did they leave us alone?
  3. why did they not make their presence and their deed known to their ‘creation’?
  4. where did they come from?
  5. why did they not visit?
  6. what was their purpose in seeding this planet and no other?
  7. why are they hiding from us?
  8. why do they let us die?
  9. why do they let us fight wars?
  10. why didn’t they leave us instructions to follow?

As you can see those questions expose the vulnerability of the idea that aliens brought life to earth. For the crystal method, the questions are even worse and more disqualifying but we will let you think on those yourself. Then there is a big question, if life is sourced in outer space why can’t we find that source? You would think that would be the easiest thing to be discovered?

We know that the History Channel loves to broadcast programs on aliens and our ancient history. They are great to watch for entertainment value and to find evidence for biblical events or people but other than that the people producing those programs are merely wasting everybody’s time. They cannot verify one thing they claim and they cannot explain why those aliens disappeared after helping early humans. They also cannot explain what happened to those early humans or why the mysterious structures fell into ruin or existed in the first place.

Questions need answers and secular science cannot answer any question especially those that are created by their fanciful alternative theories. When we talk about creation and origins we see how God is different as he provides answers to all of man’s questions that arise on this subject and theistic evolution or progressive creationism are not part of the answer process.

We just have to be ready to accept the biblical answers. We also must be ready to present those answers in a credible way representing God as he represents himself.When we marry secular theories with biblical truths we do not come to the truth but some weird alternative which God does not teach in the Bible. We do not harm Christianity or the church by teaching Genesis 1 or representing God as he represents himself. We harm Christianity and the church by adopting the lies of the secular world or Christianizing them then teaching them to others.

We are not to lie when teaching the gospel or the bible and we lie when we alter what God has said and claim he did something he did not say he did. We tell the truth no matter what,just like Jesus did.

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