The Stupidity Of It All

12 Sep

We live in a country that actually openly allows and supports homosexual lifestyles and transgendered people and when we view such people who publicly display their sinful desires we think one thing about them— they look stupid and idiotic.

Now we know we live in an era that wants everyone to be PC and nice but we decided to take a page from Jesus’ treatment of some of the religious leaders and just be blunt. Besides, there is no polite, nice way to describe how stupid and idiotic those people look & are. They fool themselves and that is not smart, intelligent or even worthy of compliments.

While we love those who sin we also need to see the true picture and not look at these groups through rose-colored glasses. They are deceived and God is NOT with them. When people say we need to love those groups as Jesus loved sinners, we need to remind those people that Jesus told the sinner to repent of their sins and get ready for the kingdom of God.

He did not pat sinners on the head and say ‘oh you poor misunderstood person, you are welcome into my kingdom even if you do not repent of your sins.’ Love does not bring sin into the church for that would not be showing love to those already in the church and who have followed Christ’s command to repent of their sins. Love is not a one-way street meant for those who are in need of a savior only, love is for those who have converted and they need to be treated as Jesus loved as well.

Love applies to everyone not just a favored group of people who are useful because they serve a political or liberal purpose. The church needs it call it as God sees it–sin. We do not alter the definition of this word, we do not exclude what God has called sin, even if the practitioner is super nice and does things for the community. Sin is sin and the world needs to be reminded of what sin is for the church has failed them and lost most of its light.

God defines sin, no one else and only God brings the remedy for it, no one else.

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