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12 Sep


Pastor to Burn Rainbow Flag in Response to LGBT Threat to Burn Bibles

Let them burn Bibles. All that does is dig their grave deeper and get themselves in more hot water with God.  Burning bibles does not hurt the Christian faith, does not stop Christianity, dos not change what Christ did on the cross so all the LBGTQ communities are doing is hurting themselves.

We do not fight fire with fire. We respond to these actions and other sinful actions God’s ways. Pray for those people, feed them when they are hungry but leave their material possessions and them alone. Do not bring harm to them.Do good not evil in response to evil.


Survey: 3 in 4 Evangelicals Don’t Want Pastors Endorsing Politicians from Pulpit

And we agree with the majority of those in that survey. Pastors are to feed their flock so that they will mature spiritually and be able to grow enough in the faith to make good, sound decisions.Pastors are NOT in charge of the political decisions of their congregational members.


Tim Tebow Signs Minor League Deal with NY Mets

We do not care. Are we happy he has a job— yes but do we need to hear about it in the news every week if not every day— no. Sorry but we are not Tebow fans. There are better Christians in sports who do much more than he ever will and do not get the press. We like the publicity shy not the publicity hounds.

The Bible talks bout how to conduct one’s good works and how those that let everyone know what they are doing have received their reward. Maybe Tebow should stop looking for fame and start just being a Christian


15 Years after 9/11, are Congregations Prepared for Disasters?

We are also tired of hearing about 9/11. Give it a rest America. You have had one major terrorist attack in 15 years, Israel and other countries get them every other day but you do not hear them whining for 15 years about those acts. If you are going to be a super power, you do not get to play the victim. The latter makes you look weak and incapable undermining your claims of super strength.

Churches face tragedy every day, they should not be unprepared or surprised when major one hits the country. Major tragedies are usually beyond the capabilities of local churches to handle so denominational leadership should be looking to God in how to prepare for those times when people need the church. Terrorist attacks are not the only tragedy the church will face.


Mother, Adult Son Fight for Right to Incestuous Relationship

When you open the door to sinful alternatives, be prepared for more sinful alternatives looking to enter in. This should not surprise anyone nor shock them. It should make believers sad and motivate them to take the lead in stopping the acceptance of sinful ideas. The church cannot afford to follow the secular world for the moment they do they make the statement that they and God do not have the answers for the world.


Nigeria: Radical Muslims Kill 8 People after Student is Accused of Insulting Islam

Muslims do this kind of thing around the world because 1. it is part of their faith and 2. no one dos anything to punish or stop them.  When you are taught that it is okay to kill the infidel and no one brings you to justice when you do it, then it is easier for the radical Muslim to continue killing those who do not agree with them. Those  are probably not the only 2 reasons but they contribute a lot to the growing murders of innocent people justified by weak and lame excuses.


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