The Church Is The Light

10 Sep

not the LGBTQ communities to the world. we were not going to write today but then we saw the following article

We are not going to quote from it as we feel that it is well written and does not need our commentary. We think our readers should read it all for themselves. What we are going to comment upon is the need for the church to stop following the secular world, especially liberal ideologies, like PC,  and start being the light unto the world and showing everyone the correct way to live.

People have stopped taking church and God seriously because God’s representatives,his people, have stopped taking God and his commands and instructions seriously. You cannot win people to Christ if you do not believe the Christ and you do not believe the Christ if you start altering his words in order to follow some personal selfish desire.

Then you are not winning people to the Christ of the Bible when you start saying biblical instructions do not matter and need to be changed. What Christ you are leading people to is anyone’s guess but it is not the Christ of the Bible. When people point to the fact that women were treated differently by Christ then say women can be pastors they are not reading the text correctly and importing their own ideas into God’s word. Not once did Jesus overturn God’s rules on who can be a priest and not one woman mentioned in Acts violated Paul’s instructions on who could be a pastor.

Then not one bible verse tells the church to be so inclusive that sin is allowed to enter in and run a church. Love your neighbor or love in general are not to be used to deceive people or keep them in their sins.Nor are they to be used to bring into church those who live unrepented alternative lives.The church must stand fast and tell the world that sin is to be excluded no matter who the practitioner is.

The church needs to tell the world that if sin is included in heaven then heaven will not be a paradise, it will be corrupted just like earth. The church needs to correctly tell God’s rules to the world and not bend the if money or souls are on the line. Jesus never altered one word of his message to get ‘seats in the pew’ or more donations. the church cannot be the light unto the world if the message it brings is not the one that God told the church to bring.

The secular world is the one that is blind and deceived not the true church and it is the secular world that needs the light, especially the LGBTQ communities, not the church. The Church already has its instructions from God on how to handle these issues and people, the church does not need help from those in need of a savior.

God set his rules and the church does not exist to undermine those rules nor alter them. God is not going to destroy a church because they did not win enough souls or bring more people to Sunday school. he will reward a church if they obey even though no one else follows them to the truth and salvation.

The church has got to stop letting the secular world lead it around by its nose. The church has to get courageous and learn how to stand with God  enduring the persecution that comes when one does not bend to the sinful will of those who are lost and headed for destruction. it is the institutions of higher learning who need to be corrected by the church, not the church by the institutes of higher learning, as long as the church has the truth.

The church does not follow culture for culture is secular in nature and in need of the light of God. It is time for the church to be brave and cut away the excess fat and get down to the right spiritual business. we are running out of time and that is not a good thing. There is still too much work left to be done by the church.  It is time for the church to start getting Christianity correct.

Rules matter for rules save lives even spiritual ones and we cannot let the lawless, the ruleless run the show for that means not freedom but anarchy. God gave rules for a reason and left the church as stewards so that the whole world would know what the right path to walk was and is. he did not leave the church in order for it to learn from those who need God’s rules and salvation.

The church needs to clean up its act and become biblically correct in a aspects of its life.

We are sorry that we had to write this way but we are tired of seeing the sinners win the day and ruin our people. get into your prayer closets and sincerely pray and if you do not know how to pray with a fervent heart, ask God to help you get there. Ask for a burden to stop the sinners in their haste to destroy everything God has made, ask for a heart that loves those sinners and one which will pray for them constantly until their lives are changed.

If you want a changed world–pray.  If you want sinners to take you, your faith, the church, the Bible and Christ seriously then get serious about your faith and learn how to obey God correctly. We are not in a game people. There are no do overs or resets when people die. When you die that is it. The time to believe and act is now.

We hope you will see the severity of the issue talked about in that article and the seriousness of other issues and we hope they will motivate you to seek God and ask him what you can do. God did not gave gifts and talents to everyone only to have the hidden under a rock or cowering in fear. Ask God to help you use them correctly and for the courage to do all that you do for his glory.

Let’s stop the LGBTQ people from being the light and leaders of the secular world and the church.


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