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08 Sep

We are basically going to address the title of the follwoing article

Do Conservative Christians Have the Love of Christ for Obama and Hillary?

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Our biggest concern whenever someone uses the words love of Christ or just love is if they truly understand the term and how God defines it? Most people, we have found over the years, do not and they spread that faulty idea to other believers. While love does not allow us to say insulting things to others, or do personal attacks or even mock another person the definition of the word Love or the words love of Christ go far deeper than that.

Love does encourage and support people but those actions are not blind nor do they exclude God’s rules on right and wrong, good and evil or morality and immorality. This means that we cannot support those who advocate for and support sin. Love does not trump God’s rules nor allows others to ignore them. In reading Mr. Brown’s article we wonder if he understands the meaning of love? Yes he does rebuke those who do unchristian activities against those politicians they do not like and we are not opposing him on that. We should not be violating God’s rules when we object to the political position of others.

We like the verse he uses top support his point

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Rom. 12:21)?

But again, we cannot simply take a superficial view of the terms ‘evil’ for what one person calls sin another does not and the Bible tells us and we paraphrase, if one person thinks something is sin, then it is sin to them. So we need a deeper understanding of Paul’s words and not allow subjective personal opinion to define the words and positions of the politicians they oppose.

We need to make sure what we call evil and sin is truly evil and sin in God’s eyes. We must remember that even politicians are eligible for grace and forgiveness, just like any sinner is and if Jesus redeems them and God does not remember their sins any more, then we cannot hold their old lives over their heads. We help them become holy like God wants.

Being holy and Christlike means we apply God’s rules governing our behavior to our actions and words to all people including politicians. We do not let the idea that grace allows us to purposefully err and Paul talks about that quite thoroughly in Romans.

Then in today’s world where if anyone criticizes a person of color they are immediately declared a racist we must be careful in how we word something for even the most innocent remarks can be twisted to allow that accusation to rise and distort what was actually said. So many people have forgotten that love corrects, it rebukes, is allowed to constructively criticize, warn and speak in opposition to someone else.If it is done correctly but some pastors seem to have the wrong idea about Obama as Mr. Brown quotes:

A black pastor told one of my white colleagues that when he and his friends hear someone criticizing Obama, it’s as if that person was criticizing their own son.

That is a false view of Mr. Obama and Pastors who think like that need to make changes in how they look at the current American President. It is not a biblical view.Then if that view puts blinders upon a person’s eyes where they see no wrong being done then we have Pastors leading their people further away from\ the truth of politics and biblical attitudes.We cannot let faulty views of politicians stop us from seeing what is going on and calling politicians in error back to the right way of doing things.

In other words, we need a biblical view of politicians, a correct one, so that we do not follow their lead and support sin or disobey God.Loving a politician as Christ loves them means that we do not allow them to go unchecked into supporting or advocating for sin. Jesus told all people to repent of their sins, and his words did not exclude politicians so if we want to love politicians with the love of Christ then we need to see how Christ actually loved people.

One aspect of that love is that he came to set people free from sin, not keep them trapped in it and politicians need to be freed from sin just like everyone else.

Another point we would like to address is the following:

He is the first African-American president, bringing a real sense of pride to many African Americans, therefore I will speak carefully

The church needs to stop pandering to the PC crowd. They are either Americans or they are not.This divisive labeling is a good trick by the government to keep people’s attention off of what politicians are actually doing and keeping them from becoming united and ruining the politicians’ fun. Our final point comes below.

I also want to say something redemptive, such as, “I’m praying that he will be our greatest president, but so far, he has been a terrible disappointment.”

What is ‘redemptive’ in this issue of loving a politician with the love of Christ? Does it mean we cannot point out a politicians’ errors or warn him that he is making a mistake? It seems that Mr. Brown  restricts the definition of the word love in order to sound Christian. We are not sure here but a better way to word that idea would be ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. Being Christian and obeying God’s instructions is far better than looking christian by using spiritual words that sound good but actually do not bring anything biblical to the problem.

We can do that if we put CHRISTIAN first and conservative second; we will fail miserably if we reverse the two.

Well that is true, we have to make sure we got the Christian part right first. If we don’t then it doesn’t matter the order of how you view yourself. Loving a politician with the love of Christ means doing it God’s ways and learning correctly how to love. Part of that learning means understanding that love does not stop us from saying someone is wrong but guides us in how we say it.Of course it also leads us to make sure the other person is actually wrong first before we speak up.

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