Understanding Disobedience

07 Sep

Just a short post today. A lot of people, and it is Christians I am speaking about here, do not understand why altering scripture to support their desires is so bad.  They do not grasp the fact that God did not grant humans authority nor permission to change his commands or instructions.  But to help believers understand the severity of the situation her is a little comparison to help.

Imagine yourself a parent, and most of you already are, do you give your young children the permission or authority to change your rules or instructions?  How would you feel if your child came back to you and said, ‘well I was going to follow them but my young friends down the street said that you did not mean what you said and that I could alter them and still be okay’.

How would you feel in that situation?  Most would not be okay with that explanation and would punish their child or severely reprimand them for not following ‘orders’. Now take that feeling and apply it to God. Do we really expect God to let us off the hook when we alter his instructions to do what we want? Many people like to focus on grace and forgiveness but they forget that grace and forgiveness needs repentance to be administered. They also forget that grace and forgiveness do not replace or remove punishment or discipline.

If we are studying the Bible then we need to think twice about handling scripture and make sure we are not putting our desires and words in place of God’s. We follow the HS to the truth and the truth is God did not write his commands and instructions to be influenced by secular culture or people’s personal desires.

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