We Do Not Need Science’s Approval

05 Sep

To know anything or to confirm something is a problem.

As scientific evidence continues to mount that porn addiction is real, one writer is ridiculing the notion, charging that secular anti-pornography efforts are rooted in “conservative Christian propaganda.

Science is not a go to authority nor is it an authority in any sense of the word but too many people are waiting to hear from science before acting on problems that ruin lives. We knew porn addiction was wrong 40 years ago, long before science got involved in the issue and it is not a natural problem but a sin problem. While looking at someone’s body is not wrong it is how you look at it that determines whether one has sinned or not and science cannot make that determination.

Lust is not scientifically testable nor provable but we all know it when we do or see it in action. God has never given science the ability to replace him. Nor was science given any ability to be the last word on any issue or problem. Science is far to limited to be the final arbitrator on any issue and it takes far too long to reach its conclusions which in the long run may be a waste of time anyways as the conclusion reached may be the wrong one.

Science does not follow God or his ways thus anything it says is suspect and far from authoritative. Then on a side note:

In an effort to get his sentence reduced, Hine’s attorney argued that his client’s porn addiction fueled his actions.

Lawyers can be so funny as they try to say their clients didn’t do wrong because they were motivated by something wrong. That is like saying a person beating up another person did not commit assault because his actions were motivated by the riot. Sorry but addictions do not remove the ability of free choice and people still have the opportunity to choose the correct course of action no matter what is motivating them. Their choice is what makes them wrong and guilty  or their choice will keep them in the right and innocent.

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