Who Died??

04 Sep

Some people just do not know their boundaries and while Ranier has been a pastor that does not mean that he rules the church and gets to tell people how to run their local congregations or manage their duties.

We do not always read his articles but this one caught our eye and not one thing he said is actually true. While some people may feel that a few of those points are it only takes a little organization to balance things out and a few sentences to instruct the people on the Pastor’s visiting habits.

We are not going to go through all 15 points to show how ridiculous they are, we are sure you can see it for yourselves. Then while some people may think or act that way, it is not difficult to steer them to the correct way of thinking when it comes to the Pastor and visitation.

We are tired of people like Ranier who try and place their own ideas upon the work of others. They do not support their ideas with any real scripture and misapply the ones they do use. They are not God and have no say in how Pastors or churches should run.


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