Just Because You Have A Doctorate

04 Sep

does not mean you know everything. Even if you only have a regular bachelor’s degree does it mean you know it all. But some how this fact has escaped the thinking of the owner of formerly fundie. He thinks that his reaching his objective of obtaining a PhD elevates him to know it all status and that it grants him permission to tell others what to do or what is in the Bible.

If you have ever read his website you will see that he knows very little and even less about the Bible and how it applies. here is a link to his latest contribution to the internet:

The errors in that writer’s thinking are immense and very misleading

Perhaps one of the most discussed stories of the current news cycle is the controversy surrounding San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, and his refusal to stand during the National Anthem. I’m certainly not surprised at the outrage across the internet– in fact, if it were legal to fire him, strip his citizenship, and deport him from the country, I’m sure that would have already happened.

First, the reaction to Kaepernick’s protest are purely human and personal. There is no biblical command to stand during the national anthem. That is a cultural practice only. Some people take their patriotism seriously and think everyone should do the same well, we don’t and we have no problem with his sitting during the national anthem for his protest is his alone and means very little.People make this out to be more than it is.

There are multiple angles of this story that concern me, but none concern me as much as watching so many self-professed Christians condemning his choice of sitting during the anthem

It bothers us as well since Kaepernick is not breaking a biblical command or instruction but we do not condemn those Christians for their reaction but wonder if they place the nation above God? As members of God’s kingdom our patriotism should be reserved for that citizenship though that does not mean we do not respect our native land or ignore what is important to it. Because we live in a given country we must use our godly patriotism to gently lead the earthly nation to God’s way thus we show our love for our nations. We do not make false and bad comparisons with biblical events like that author does.

There’s actually a story like this in the Bible. In Daniel 3 we find King Nebuchadnezzar making a statue of gold and commanding everyone pay homage to it when they hear the music start playing– not unlike what we do with our flag and anthem. As most of us will recall, there were three folks who refused to participate in this: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

This is just a terrible comparison and talk about ripping something out of context to apply it to one’s personal pet ideology. Showing respect for a flag or the national anthem is not worshiping it or being commanded to bow down before them, There is just no comparison between the two events. The biblical protest by those 4 men was done in obedience to God’s laws and commands, Kaepernick’s was not. He was protesting some human activity he did not like, not standing with God and his rules.

There is a big difference here, something that newly minted ‘Dr.’ does not see.

It’s funny how Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are somehow heroes of the story on Sunday morning, but when we turn on a football game later in the day, the villain is the one person refusing to jump up when the music starts, and who refuses to show reverence and adoration for the national symbol paraded before them.

Thy are heroes because they put their lives in danger for God and his ways and Kaepernick is not a hero because he didn’t. He was acting out on a supposed racist purpose not a divine one. Again that author refuses to see the difference between the two acts. Then he is misguide din his thinking when that author thinks everyone standing is adoring the flag or showing reverence to it. He doesn’t understand people at all or their actions.

I mean, if our national symbol were a calf made out of gold instead of stars and stripes, wouldn’t you feel differently about putting your hand over your heart and standing with everyone else when the music plays?

Again he misuses the bible to make his faulty point. No one that we know of, especially Christians, worship the flag when the national anthem plays and no one, hopefully, makes the flag a god like the people of Israel made the golden calf. No one has said, ‘here is your god oh Christian’ and replaced God with the flag as our leader. That author is being absolutely absurd and ridiculous in his argument.

He’s clearly been ostracized from many of his peers who have spoken out against him. Several NFL owners have said that he will never play for their teams, showing that he has already sacrificed some of his future career options. Beyond the NFL, he’s being criticized and mocked across the country–

If you are going to make a stand for something you believe in, don’t expect everyone to jump on board and support you. be prepared to pay the cost for your personal views if you make them a public protest.people have the right and freedom to disagree with your protest and point of view.

But here’s the deal: Christian parents should be celebrating Kaepernick, not condemning him. Even if one disagrees with his beliefs on the anthem and nationalism, the example Kaepernick is setting is a beautiful real-life example of what we want our kids to be like.

Since Kaepernick may not be a Christian and since he was not siding with God and his ways in this protest that author is sadly and greatly mistaken. No Christian should be celebrating Kaeperick or his protect. They should be putting it in the correct perspective for their children and they should explain why Christians do not side with him.Kaepernick is perpetuating the false idea of race, is not bringing a biblical message or influence to the issue and he inflames people instead of leading them to the truth.

Is it not true, that we long to raise children who don’t do something just because “everyone is doing it”?

This is not what is going on in Kaepernick’s protest and his protest has nothing to do with ‘everybody is doing it’. he is protesting the treatment of people of color not saying that the national anthem and the flag are wrong and sin. At least keep the example in the area of the purpose it was done in if you are going to use an example to teach false or any ideas.

Are we not trying to raise children who have the strength of conscience and conviction to do what they believe is right, even if they do it alone?

There is also something called ‘time & place’ and that was not the time nor the place for such a protest.

Are we not trying to raise children who dare to do things differently than the way the world does them?

uhm… only if they are obeying God’s commands and instructions. Not doing personal protests for no reason other than hatred or supporting hatred.

Don’t we want them to be like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego instead of the people who fearfully bowed down?

Only if they are obeying God and his rules over the rules of man and no biblical rule was broken by having a flag or national anthem.

Christian parents should look at Colin Kaepernick and realize what a beautiful example he has set. We should celebrate this opportunity to show our children someone who is doing the very thing we want them to do– and who is doing it even if half the country hates him for it.

No, they should be looking at Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and explaining to their kids why these men are right in their protest and why Kaepernick was so wrong and no we would rather have our kids looking at the correct biblical figures to be an example than some millionaire athlete. Better yet, we should want to live a life so well that our kids make us their role models instead of unbelieving greedy people.

Seeing someone achieve the Doctorate level does not mean they have the truth or know what they are talking about and as we can see, that author is far from the truth and leads people away from God and why certain biblical figures protested a law. Oh and Kaepernick did not protest a law that violated God’s command so he should not be held in high esteem or congratulated on anything. He should be rebuked for his wrongful protest

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