They Are Not Pastors- 2

23 Aug

If you have not seen it yet, here is the link to the response of the woman pastor to CP readers’ questions. Her responses are very troubling to say the best about them.

We will look at a few of her responses just to highlight how troubling her argument is.

#1.Different Christian churches read and interpret the Bible differently. I profess Jesus as the Word of God, and the Bible as a witness to His life, ministry, death and resurrection. Which is to say that I take it seriously as a living witness, but also as a historic document written in a particular time and place.

This is an example of why interpretation is so dangerous. It leads to private views being placed upon scripture and Peter stated that the Bible is not of someone’s private interpretation.  The HS is not the spirit of interpretation and the Bible doe snot teach God’s followers to use interpretation nor advocate its use.

#2.I think that there have to be additional norms for what makes sex moral or immoral, just or unjust; the question of marriage is insufficient.

We get very troubled when we hear or read people say things like this. The very first question that comes to mind is “who are they that they get to say that God’s provision is not sufficient?” What has this woman done that has qualified her to be a judge of God’s instruction and  say that her ideas are better than his?

#3.There is always a danger that people will hear what they want to hear, and will believe things that are convenient for them to believe. Witness all sorts of lies from political leaders about how the problem of our economy is “lazy poor people.” There’s a false, unbiblical, teaching for you.

This answer is also troubling as that woman does not consider God’s warning nor takes it seriously enough to use it to double-check her thinking. She thinks she is okay and that teaching people to ignore God’s instruction is good. I know of many bloggers who advocate the same thing she does so they will like her a lot which fulfills the verse mentioned by the CP reader.

#4. I have received feedback from countless folks who were taught that if they reserved sex for marriage, they would avoid hurt, and their relationships would be immediately holy and wonderful and satisfying. And that has not proven true. I also know many who had sexual relationships outside of marriage that did not leave them hurting or empty, but were loving and supportive

This is more of an excuse to pursue faulty teaching than providing the truth about marriage.  Sure some people are taught that and many people who teach those ideas believe that information is correct BUT that doesn’t mean it is. A part of being holy is waiting to have sex till one is married. You can’t be holy if you willfully sin. Sex is not the holiness factor in marriage and hurt comes through other means as well so to use that fact to move to false teaching about when to have sex is unjustified

She also doesn’t understand about conscience and those who have extra-marital affairs may not feel hurt and empty because of the beliefs they hold about affairs. Her thinking is far too limited for her to be allowed to talk about this issue. She is only pursuing her own desires and like all alternative believers, ignores how God feels about the subject.

The alternative believer prefers their own ideas over God’s way

#5.I think it’s interesting the way that readers such as Ms. Kinzer share their experiences of heartache following unmarried sex, and cite their experiences as authoritative, because, indeed, one of the things the book does is take the experiences of a number of people (350!) who completed a survey I sent out, as well as friends and my own, and offer them as sources of reflection.

WOW she takes a survey over fact and a survey which she cannot guarantee was completely truthful and the respondents completely honest. So we know her research is as flawed as her thinking.

We will repeat our call for God’s people to start praying that such teachers and pastors be removed from Christian churches and academic institutions. They should not be given a place to spread their false teaching to the faithful. We do not say this lightly but out of our troubled spirit. The people of God deserve better than this and they deserve God’s way over the pastors’ or professors’ ideas. They deserve the truth over interpretation.

God’s people need to be more discerning and reject such false teaching and not let the position of pastor or professor keep them from practicing God’s instructions when it comes to false teachers and teaching. It is only a slight hope that that pastor is misguided and easily convinced to return to the truth and that is the first request God’s people should make in their prayers to protect them from false teaching.

But if they cannot be convinced of the truth nor return to it then further step, like removal, need to be prayed for and taken. We take the position of pastor and professor very seriously as does God. Both positions are not our personal playgrounds but positions that are to lead the people to the truth and keep them in the truth.

We grieve that such people as that woman pastor get such a great hearing and lots of influence over church members and their fellow pastors. But as we said yesterday, if the person is going to defy God’s rules and instructions on who is qualified to be a pastor then further defiance is no surprise and if the church does not take the right action then they are only asking for trouble and deserve what they get.

Christianity is not a game though many people think it is.  Life is not a game though many people think it is. Eternity is real though many people do not think it is. We should be more careful in how we handle our responsibilities from God.

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