Defending Homosexual ‘Christians’

20 Aug

One of the problems with addressing those who support alternative beliefs is that they do not always present clearly what they believe. They keep something back so the person who disagrees with them is not dealing with all of the information they need in order to construct a good biblical argument against those who think that there are such a thing as Homosexual Christians and that they need defending. The link below is one such post:

These defenders do a lot of distorting of the situation and actions of believers who oppose homosexuality. They place their own descriptive adjectives upon the actions of others without taking the time to discover the real intent behind those actions. Then if they do take the time there is no guarantee that they will accept the real a=reasons motivating  believers in their opposition or handling of homosexual issues in the church. Here is one example:

Like many of my LGBTQ friends, I have been afraid to come out and say I believe all people were created by a God who loves us all the same, and perpetuating hate and fear through destructive theology is not only hurtful, but sinful and just plain wrong.

When people say things like this they demonstrate a lack of understanding of the real definition of the word love. They tend to focus on what they want the word to mean and then apply that subjective definition to God and his view of his creation. They make no effort to grasp how God truly views the issue of homosexuality and then again, if they do, they may not accept that truth.

Yes God loves his creation but that love does not interfere with his desire to see all people saved.He does not let his love alter his definition of sin or what he calls an abomination. Those people who defend homosexuality forget about God’s feelings on the issue as they think that God cannot hate a sexual preference because he ‘loves’ his creation. That view forgets that love does not keep people in sin but seeks to rescue them from its destructive control, whether or not the person locked in sin agrees with God on what is or isn’t sin.

Jesus commanded us to love and love doesn’t come with a list of prerequisites. Grace doesn’t have criteria that must be met in order to be offered. It is more important that I love my neighbors than expect them to pass a litmus test on holiness or conservative Christian living.

This distortion of Jesus’ commands shows us that those who support the idea that there are homosexuals who are Christian only look at part of the picture. They like to look at the fact that Jesus ate with sinners but ignore the fact that Jesus said people must be born again to reach heaven. Jesus did not encourage people to remain in their sins nor did he keep them in their sins. He identified those sins and told then they must repent.

When we’re talking about people who’ve had hatred and isolation thrown at them in the name of a God who offers nothing but extravagant love and grace and kindness to us all, I want to be a liberal. I want to be a liberal for the cause of Christ, because Jesus was certainly not conservative with his love.\

What is missing from this type of thinking is that Paul instructs churches to remove the unrepentant sinner from their midst if they refuse to stop practicing their sins.  This removal is well illustrated in the OT at Jericho and Ai and also when Moses was challenged by some of his people.We do not keep sin in the congregation for sin corrupts and taints, it does not bring holiness.

Once we stop arguing our dogmas long enough to see the person behind the labels – a human being who was intricately formed in their mother’s womb by God, who has an identity and a purpose in Christ, just as I do – all the cultural “norms” and political/theological debates don’t matter.

This appeal to ‘see the human’ behind the sin is misleading and telling people that they should ignore God and his instructions and embrace unrepentant sinners and call them good  or normal Christians. When we do see the human behind the issue, it should motivate us to help rescue them from the destructive and sinful lives they lead not to bless them and say that they are okay.For what true believers see is a human bound for hell, a person in need of being removed from the impending doom they will face if they do not change.

Looking at the human behind the issue should not motivate anyone to keep them in their sins.

Any church-goer who uses the phrase, “abomination” or has the audacity to ask someone if they are a “practicing” homosexual has obviously lost touch with what it means to exhibit Christian charity and basic human decency.

This is just not true. A believer needs to identify where the other person stands before knowing how they can respond to such a person. One cannot blindly accept people based upon their claims that they are Christians and invite them into fellowship for God has set up rules to govern such invitations.Those rules trump that author’s demand that we love regardless. This does not mean that we do not feed the homosexual if they are hungry or meet other physical needs, it means that we do not allow them to bring their sin into the church and ruin the church.

To be part of the church the homosexual must give up their sins and embrace Jesus and his holy life.

I’m done referring to my LGBTQ brothers and sisters as “those who struggle with same-sex attraction,” as it implies homosexuality is something to be cured, stopped, or fixed. Who am I to meddle in the destiny of another? Aren’t they, too, created in the image of God?

The homosexual in essence is made n the image of God but the sin of homosexuality is not part of that image. These type of words demonstrate a very  great lack of understanding of the image of God and also of the nature of sin.  Why wouldn’t that author not ‘meddle in the destiny of others”? Isn’t that what evangelism is all about?  Isn’t that what real love is all about?

Real love does not support people when the other person is in error. Love corrects wisely, it does not say the unrepentant sinner is not sinning.

I also can’t help but wonder who is actually following the example of Christ in the gay/Christian debate. One major point of Liz Edman’s book, Queer Virtue, is this: If we compare the incredible faith of LGBT people who desperately want into the church – people who ache to worship God, to contribute to Christian community, to invite others in – versus those who use their power and status to make sure faithful LBGTQ people remain outside of Christian fellowship, which group is doing the will of our Lord?

God has rules and if those people really do ache to worship God and want to have real faith then they need to love God with all of their heart and give up their homosexuality for him. If those people desperately want in the church then they need to follow God’s rules on inclusion. They have to make a choice–the church, God and faith or homosexuality. If they choose the latter then the church and its member have little choice in the matter and must obey God by excluding the homosexual from fellowship, membership and leadership.

The inability to follow the rules is one reason why the homosexual is despised and rejected.

And can I ask you a question? When you think about encounters you’ve had with people who are preaching or protesting against gay people, have you ever seen any of the fruit of the spirit demonstrated there?

The fruits of the spirit do not accept, include, support or encourage sin.They may feed the hungry, give monetary aid to those who need money and so on but they do not violate God’s word or his rules.

My friend, your indifference and your silence is screaming at those hurting people who are desperate to simply touch the hem of Jesus’ garment. As you stand silent, your unwillingness to carry them to Jesus is as much a roadblock as the man standing on the street corner, holding a GOD HATES FAGS sign.

What that author still ignores or fails to understand is that while Jesus helped and healed those who were not believers he still required them to repent of their sins to enter heaven. Healing someone is not bestowing salvation upon them; binding their wounds is not accepting the sin practiced by the wounded; feeding them is not telling the unrepentant sinner that they are okay and normal.

Those people need to follow God’s rules and truly repent of their sins, giving them up because they love God more than their sins. If they don’t then they cannot expect inclusion in God’s church or heaven. Being made in the image of God does not entitle them to the benefits of Christian living.

Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.’ This is the most important, the first on any list. But there is a second to set alongside it: ‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’ These two commands are pegs; everything in God’s Law and the Prophets hangs from them

That author replaces biblical words with words of his own choosing but in quoting that passage, he shows that he doe snot understand what those verses mean.  Those are not scriptures telling believers to ignore God’s instructions but to stand with God and his rules if they love him. Those verses are also telling the homosexual and their supporters that for them to love God with all of their hearts mind and soul, they must give up their sins. Very few do so as they seek to hang on to their sin and still get God’s love.

They want to alter the rules in order to remain in the sin that they love more than God.The homosexual and their supporters need to be careful when they quote scripture for those scriptures, while exposing some believers failures, also opens up to the world the homosexuals failure of not loving God enough to give up their sins.

When my friend and her partner sit on my couch, or have dinner at my table, there is no more gay debate. They are only people, people I love and God loves dearly. And there is no doubt in my mind how to respond to the people I love.

How sad. He doesn’t really love his friend or her partner because he does nothing to rescue them from their sins. Yes God loves them but his love demands that they repent of their sins first and no one is helping those people to realize this fact. Love is not accepting sin but leading people out of its clutches. His mind is wrong.


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