Answering Unfundamentalist Christians

20 Aug

Below the link is our comment to that article. We are banned from posting there so we decided to place our thoughts here instead. it is an old post but we just saw it for the first time today.

It is amazing to see so many people jump on the bandwagon in support of a group of people who do not contribute anything to society except sin and destruction.

They must have blinders on as they do not see how selfish that minority is and how they only advocate for their own demands and desires and do not support other groups who hold to alternative sexual practices.

Then it is also amazing to see the absurd arguments used by those jumping on the homosexual bandwagon as they forget or ignore to teach the homosexual community the biblical way to respond when refused service.

The homosexual needs to learn to turn the other cheek, not ruin the lives of those who told them no. The LGBTQ community needs to return good for evil, not steal the money from those who told them no.

The lack of biblical teaching towards the LGBTQ minority is astounding and the supporters of that minority have failed the LGBTQ community and not led it in a Christian manner. In fact, they have violated biblical principles, instructions and commands in their haste to defend the honor of those God has called an abomination.

Siding with unrepentant sinners over God is never a smart thing to do

Christians really need to think through these issues first before switching sides to support sin.

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