Answering Jim West

20 Aug

it is rare that we respond to the personal attacks made by others on this website but in this case we feel it is warranted. The first section deals with our response and the rest of the sections will deal with select items from that website.

#1. Little Honey Tee Tee is a member of Legion.–

That is West’s pet name for us and it is a take-off of Little Honey Boo-Boo or whatever that reality show is named. But the problem we have with name calling is that it is not constructive rebuttals nor any where close to enhancing the discussion. West does not approve our comments when we make some there and we usually only make them when we see an opportunity to make a point to Mr. West and how off the mark he really is. West is a minimalist which means while he talks a good game about the NT he does not accept nor believe most of the Bible. This makes him dangerous as he masquerades as a bible believer yet doesn’t believe the Bible, even the parts that Jesus believed.

What makes this personal attack funny is that it is posted under a story from a ‘news source’ that uses sarcasm and other fictional humorous ideas to make a point, so I guess we can put that name calling down to the low-class humor possessed by West. Keep in mind there are times I think West makes good points but those are few and far between and we acknowledge that even people like West do stumble upon nuggets of truth from time to time. They wouldn’t be dangerous if they didn’t.

Anyways we will still mention West here from time to time and even drop a comment or two on his website if we feel it is warranted to do so and West will probably still not approve them and still call us names but we only make the comments for West to read so that he will see the error of his ways.

#2. God Is Fair

It’s accurate to say that the ‘parents’ are the real idiots here.  The real evil idiots.  So why does God allow idiots like these and their Legions to have children simply to torture them and ruin them?

God gives everyone the opportunity to be good or bad parents, even those who do not have any human decency in them. West forgets that evil plays a role in the lies and decisions of those parents and instead of attacking those people, he should be praying to God to stop evil from using parents to destroy their children. Why he is judging/condemning them and not praying for them is anyone’s guess but praying for those who do evil is in the part of the Bible West believes.

#3. The Majority Doesn’t Rule

67% of adults believe a unmarried woman having a baby is morally acceptable. –  George Barna

This may be a point where West and I may agree. The only opinion that matters here is God’s.  Premarital sex is sin and no matter how many humans do not think so, that classification does not change.

#4. It Is Not The Law Of The Land

Remembering, of course, that for many Christians the notion that ‘it is more important to obey God than man’ is not only central but critical, is it proper for Christians to condemn Muslims to exclusion from this Country (as Trump and others are suggesting) based on the fact that they assert that Islamic law takes precedence over American law?

As far as I am concerned, if you emigrate to another country, you leave your laws behind and obey the laws of the country you have moved to.  Obviously we do not leave God’s rules behind but God’s rules do not tell us to ignore another country’s laws.The Muslim needs to remember that if they want to follow Sharia law then they should move to a country that employs Sharia law.

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