A Bad Example

14 Aug

In the following article the author bring sup a very good subject for a deep and honest conversation

What has been shocking to me is that Christian educators cannot disagree, with passion, without the other party being offended. Everyone seems to feel as though they have to “tip toe” around a disagreement so no one gets upset.

This is a very important issue that all believers should explore honestly and carefully.  We have experienced this when years ago we made some critical comments about an author a friend of ours really liked.  He was so upset that we dared criticize one of his favorite authors that he was almost ready to give up a 30 year friendship over the comments.

Another friend did give up a 30 year friendship over a discussion on politics. He took great offense at our words and has never spoken to us again even though we have tried to make things right.

Christians are to thin-skinned.  They cannot handle criticism or someone disagreeing with them and we are being too general here as we know some Christians can handle those things.  But what has motivated us to write today is not the issue he brings up but his but his appeal to a scripted fictional t.v. show as his example on how Christians should be better.

My wife and I have become Blue Blood “junkies.” We like this television program so much that we not only watch it at its regular time, but seek out reruns on other channels. We also ordered DVDs of seasons one through five. The program is real. The values it teaches are good. And it demonstrates the effects of poor decision making.

Needless to say that show is of secular origins and in no way should it be held up as something believers should follow. A second point is who is to say that view of how relationships are to be handled is the correct view.  Then why should Christians follow the ungodly?

You will notice that the author of that piece does not go to the Bible for instructing believers on how to behave towards each other. he ignores verses like ‘speaking the truth in love’; ‘do not lie one to another’; and other passages which direct believers in their conversations towards others.  He also ignores how we are to be patient one with another as Paul instructs in 2 Tim. 4.

It is sad to see a Christian newspaper publish a supposed Christian author yet nothing Christian is found within the published work.

What can we learn from this?

This question reminds me of a supposed Christian parent asking his daughter ‘what did Baywatch teach you today?’  Too many Christians are abdicating their duties and letting the secular world instruct their children and other members of the church. The secular world does not have the light thus believers should be cautious when they like certain t.v. shows.

T.V. shows are for entertainment and we agree with that author that Blue Bloods is a good show but we do not agree with his conclusion that it is a tool to instruct anyone. It is written for entertainment value and cannot be used as a teaching instrument for Christians and how they should interact with each other.  God has already instructed his followers on what to do and we should be carefully studying his guiding words not ignoring them in favor of a popular secular show.

We do need to discuss the issue of how Christians interact with each other, for it is an important issue for the health of the church but we must set the ground rules that interpretation is not truth and is not following the HS to the truth. Interpretation kills so much in the church today, especially reaching the truth so the church can avoid confusion and the work of evil.

Maybe we will do that sometime in the future but for now we will just say that the church should not be taking its cue from the secular world. The church has its guide and it is not from those in need of being saved from destruction. Let’s get church members on the right track and keep their eyes on God , Jesus and the Bible and not on a bunch of sinful people who do not know the truth. We need to teach our people how to correctly apply what the Bible teaches not to ignore it and follow those in need of a Savior.


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