Young People Leaving Their Faith

12 Aug

We came across the following site looking at Peter Enns’ blog and we thought we would address those 6 issues here

Churches seem overprotective.

We can agree with this sentiment because the church does become very over-protective and does not teach their youth correctly. It is like a parent telling their child they cannot use the lawn mower to cut the grass because the lawn mower is too dangerous. Well if you do not teach them how to use the lawn mower correctly then that machine will always be too dangerous for the person. You have to teach people how to handle problems and dangerous situations so that the danger is minimalized and that they learn how to handle difficult problems.

You remove the danger by teaching people correctly.This includes church related issues.

Teens’ and twentysomethings’ experience of Christianity is shallow.

Possible but you get out of something what you put into it so maybe the teens and 20 somethings are shallow and do not pursue a deep holy life with Christ. God may be missing from some of the churches but that does not grant young people permission to leave their faith, it should motivate them to find God and truly experience Him.

Churches come across as antagonistic to science.

Again possibly but the church must combat the lies preached by secular science. Too many people have this idea that science is the final authority on any given topic or that it alone has a monopoly on the truth. That is erroneous thinking but it provides a framework for the conclusion quoted immediately above.  When science says that God is wrong then there is something wrong with the science NOT GOD.

The church has to warn about false teaching so of course it is going to appear antagonistic to science. It is exposing the errors committed by unbelievers in that field and also by those who claim to be believers. That is one of the church’s jobs and it will not look pretty in doing it.

Teens and 20 somethings need to be taught correctly by the church and made aware that science is not as grand as its adherents make it out to be. They also have to be told that science is influenced by evil so that the theories and conclusions proposed by scientists fall under biblical instruction concerning listening to unbelievers, false teaching and so on.

Young Christians’ church experiences related to sexuality are often simplistic, judgmental

Part of the problem here is similar to what takes place with the scientific issue– too many people of all ages are listening to the unbeliever concerning sex and sexual preferences, then they look at the church’s teaching and condemn it. They do not condemn it because they have found a superior way but a way that appeals to their sinful and sexual desires.

With that said, we cannot say that all Christian parents, church leaders and the churches get sexual instruction correct but if one asks for understanding then they may avoid the problems they accuse their parents, etc., of creating and handle the issue a lot differently and better.  Again, these problems are not permission for one to leave their faith because they have been mistaught or misguided and we should ask why these young people think the wisest move is to throw away their beliefs?

We also need to ask why these young people are not using this lack of correct information to motivate them to find the truth” Leaving one’s faith will not help them get to the truth so there is a deeper issue here and one that seems to be provoked by evil as it works to destroy young people through the lack of ability of church leaders and parents.

They wrestle with the exclusive nature of Christianity.

This is because so many people do not realize nor accept that the church and Christianity belongs to God and that he gets to set the rules. They also do not understand two things: one, God is excluding sin in order for them to have a better eternity and physical life and two, the secular world distorts issues like discrimination, equality and other key words because they cannot accept God’s ways on the different issues..

The church feels unfriendly to those who doubt

This is a problem and it is one because church members are not taught properly on how to handle doubt and those who express them. But then even if church members do handle the issue correctly, the person expressing those doubts must accept those answers or it is not the church at fault. It is the fault of the doubter and they have only themselves to blame.

In conclusion, the church cannot change the rules to keep people in the pews nor to keep people from throwing away their faith.They have a responsibility to learn from God correctly then pass that learning on to their young but too often parents and church leaders fail their young by ignoring key issues or questions from their children and students.

But we must state that even if the parents and church leaders do everything correctly that is no guarantee that their young will remain in the faith. Their children have the right to free choice and they may decide they do not want to believe anyways or they fall to temptation and so on. We can only pray and watch as we prepare to be there when our young needs us. Raising children is not easy and this is one of the difficult parts of parenting and overseeing a church.

We have to let God work in their hearts as we give them the right instructions so that they will have the truth and know right from wrong. We can only trust as we learn and then teach. Then we have only touched the surface of this issue as there are so many mitigating factors involved that our post would be far too long to be of any help to anyone. The est we can say is follow God’s direction in dealing with the questions and doubts of your young.

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