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08 Aug

In this internet session, we are pondering how to say something new and something biblical that you have not already heard before. As you can tell we are not following the Olympics nor the different scandals that have arisen throughout the Rio tenure. The Olympics do not interest us that much. How can they when they are so tainted? Maybe Ken Ham, as his next project, should found a worldwide international sporting event that demonstrate that true Christian living and world-class athleticism can co-exist.

So as we look for things to write today, we will start with news articles that have caught our eye:

#1. Brainwashing

A North Carolina school district’s pro-LGBT character the “gender unicorn” is being used for a training session in which faculty are told parental involvement may not be required for students struggling with gender identity issues.

We do not like this because we think that this type of education is beyond the scope and mandate of any public or private school. This is an area for parents alone. If the parents need help they should go to their pastors or church leaders or trusted advisors to figure out to handle their children’s struggles. At no time should a group of strangers, even though they are educators, be involved with children’s issues.

The church should be setting the example of how to properly educate parents on these issues and point out the truth that lies behind all the distortions and misconceptions strangers bring to this discussion. The problem is not solved by enabling children to act on temptation and deception. The problem is solved when children are guided correctly to identify the temptation/deception and given the right solution to handle it when it comes.

The secular world is under the influence of evil so there is no way they know how to handle this problem correctly. They are tools in the hands of evil helping the latter to destroy what God created. The church cannot follow such people nor support their work but cast the light of Jesus on it and show the better way to go.

#2. Sadness

“I didn’t make a complaint because no one would believe me, no one would believe that a man of the cloth would do that. I thought and still think no one would believe me. He was a vicar.”

It is always sad to hear about these transgressions as they undermine the credibility of the ministry, the church and its leaders.  Two things, which you may already know. One, church leaders do sin and fall to temptation like anyone else. They are targeted by evil because of their position of trust and leadership. All church leaders need the prayers of their people, asking God to protect them from such urges and other sins.

Two, we cannot go on a witch hunt and condemn all other church leaders because of the sins of others.  In other words, we do not punish the innocent with the guilty even in church leadership. Justice demands that only the actually guilty be punished and we do not try to make criminals out of those who may not have taken the action we think should have been taken.

#3. The Last I Looked...–

In other words, some assemblies have announced to players, “We’re game.” Christian-identified blogs are consequently posting about how church leaders can use the foot traffic to attract the lost to their assembly or to accommodate existing members.

It was ‘not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the lord.’ I do not see ‘use pokemon to evangelize’. I also read in the Bible that believers are to do good works, cast out demons, heal the sick , feed the hungry and other beneficial and vital acts of kindness. I do not read where we use imaginary characters to spread the gospel to only a few people who play the game.

Churches need to stop pandering to secular culture and start living by God’s culture so that they will make an impact for Jesus. You cannot rescue or save anyone if you are doing the exact same things as the secular world. What are you going to lead them to if you do not have it already?

#4. Minding One’s Own Business

A prominent professing atheist group has taken issue with an awards ceremony for a Florida police department that was held at a theological seminary and included an invocation.

It is a lost art as people are drunk on the supposed power that comes by forcing their ways upon others.

#5. To Answer The Question

Evangelical Outrage Against Trump; Why Not Clinton?

Probably because churches and Christians are too afraid to be seen as unpolitically correct or sexist. They would rather sacrifice justice, right and wrong than be labeled as someone who is against women. BUT it is not wrong to correct a woman who advocates and supports sin. It is NOT sexist to say that a woman is wrong and committing sin and in need of repentance.

It is not unpolitically correct to tell a woman that they are violating God;s word and disobeying him and his holy instructions. Rebuking a woman for her sins is not saying that woman cannot be politicians or president, it is saying that a particular woman is wrong and in need of repentance. It is saying that she is leading people to sin and destruction not imposing a glass ceiling upon one gender.

The church speaks out against sin and violations of God’s standards of right, wrong; good, evil’ morality and immorality. When they do this they are not saying that women in general cannot be employed in certain fields but that one  woman is not qualified to lead. The church does not take sides and gives someone a pass because they are rich or because of their gender. They apply God’s words of warning to all people equally.

#6. At Least There Is A Few

A group of bishops within the Anglican Church of Canada have released a statement denouncing this month’s vote within the General Synod to give the green light to allow same-sex nuptials within the denomination.

Church members need to keep their leaders in line with the Bible, whether it be by prayer, rebuke or sound teaching. They cannot afford to be blind sheep

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