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03 Aug

#1. I am Tired of Ham on Nye

Answers in Genesis CEO and President Ken Ham has posted another video of his debate with Bill Nye “The Science Guy” at the Ark Encounter in July, in which the two debated morality and why humans wear clothes.

There comes a time when you just need to let it go and realize that some people are not going to change their minds when you want them to. Ham needs to lt this obsession with Nye go and move on. He i snot helping anyone by hammering the same target hoping for a conversion. Sometimes we need to be satisfied and content with planting a seed or watering one.

Every true believer knows that evolutionists cannot come up with any answers for why anything took or takes place in this world:

In the video, Ham asked Nye to provide a moral basis for why people wear clothes. Nye responded that people in the scientific community believe that human feelings and emotions are a result of evolution.

“So that we have sympathy for each other, that we get angry with each other, that we work very hard to raise our children, provide them with resources – [it] is deep within us. It’s part of who we are. It’s not a result of a top-down issuance of laws. That’s the claim in science, and we observe this in other species,” Nye explained.

As you can see that is not an answer nor providing any source for why we wear clothes. That is the way it is with evolutionists, they do not want answers nor can they find them if they did. ham needs to just back off here, preach the truth and let go work in the hearts of the unbeliever.

#2. A Well Written Article

These are the kinds of things you cannot make up. A report from the Daily Mail documents the “March of the Male Mums” while an article on declares, “There is plainly no one type of body that we could accurately label a ‘male body.'”

These are but the latest examples of the all-out war on gender distinctions, and one can only wonder what is coming next.

When it comes to male mothers, Thomas Beatie, better known as “the pregnant man,” was the pioneer.

“Thomas” was a former beauty queen who had her breasts cut off but left her reproductive organs intact, then underwent hormonal treatment to grow facial hair, then, after changing her identity to that of a man, married a woman who was unable to have children, then got artificially inseminated and had a baby.

So, the “pregnant man” is actually a woman sans breasts, sporting a beard and female private parts, and for a time, married to another woman.

Male mums?? This is just getting more and more absurd. What is more absurd is that these people think their personal desires are more of a priority than others in true need. Absurd & selfish, that is the definition of the LGBTQ’s agenda.

#3. Talk About Absurd

A genetic mutation that made our early human ancestors more tolerant to smoke toxins may have given us the evolutionary edge of Neanderthals. Scientists have found key differences in a receptor involved in the body’s response to certain toxins that made humans better able to cope with smoke exposure, meaning they could better harness it for their development.

Evolutionists just do not know what they are talking about and just make this stuff up and then misapply it to whatever remains they are misusing to support their false theory.

#4. Why Are We Supporting Disobedience?

Whitaker then sought to avoid using the restroom at all at school, but said that limiting her fluids caused medical issues. She continued, however, to use the boys’ restroom at school in defiance of the district policy.

Rulebreakers need to be reprimanded not supported.  There is nothing wrong with the school district’s rule and if the student cannot abide by them then it is her who needs to be punished not the school district.

#5. Why Are We Letting Them Abuse The Court System?

A former employee at the clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch who was born female but identifies as male has filed a federal lawsuit against the company for allegedly being asked to wear the women’s uniform

Normal people would just quit and get a new job. They would not make an issue out of it and then clog up the courts with such nuisance complaints. It seems that the LGBTQ community thinks that the court system is their personal toy.

#6. DO Not Be Traumatized Or Surprised

A young couple that was traveling to a missionary training session was killed on Sunday along with their three children, and the tractor trailer driver who rear-ended their vehicle is now facing several charges of vehicular homicide.

Or even vindictive. Death is going to happen to believers also and we should not be like the secular world in our moments of suffering. I can’t find the bible verse at the moment But God does tell us to be different when fellow Christians do die.This isn’t a tragedy because they are home now and going home is not a tragic event. A better response would be listening to God on how to fill the void left by this sudden departure.

#7. Another Opportunity For The Truth Lost

“Founded in the Church of Christ tradition, Pepperdine University proudly upholds Christian values,” the university’s website states. “We believe these values complement and support the pursuit of knowledge.”

However, despite the school’s stated adherence to these values, it recently embraced the U.S. Department of Education’s controversial stance on “transgender” students

Christian institutions should be setting the right example for their students, not leading them to sin. They should be bringing the truth not avoiding it by adopting for sinful alternatives. This is just sad to see as Christians have a responsibility to God first and they need to teach that transgenderism is sinful not of God not normal and not acceptable. They need to teach that it is a fixable problem but only if parents stop enabling and supporting their deceived children.

We do not follow the lead of unbelievers.


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