We Do Not Need Empowered Women

30 Jul

First we are writing today because we were given a surprise internet session and two, what we have read has compelled us to say something. We were not going to say much about the election but in thinking about what was said at the DNC we could not remain silent.The main motivator was not Mrs. Clinton’s idea that the people should pay for the abortions of others. Though that is revolting is not why we are writing this

“No funds authorized or appropriated by federal law, and none of the funds in any trust fund to which funds are authorized or appropriated by federal law, shall be expended for any abortion,” the 1976 law reads.

What has prompted our outrage is found in the following article

and these words

If we want families to succeed, we start by empowering women.

This is not biblical teaching and what has made us angry is that some woman has decided that she wants to play God and wants to lead women to do the same thing. We do not need empowered women. Those women ignore God’s teaching, willfully sin and disobey God’s instructions and such women are not building a strong family but destroying one.

We do not need wives and mothers kept imprisoned in sin and encouraged to be sinners.We do not need the hand that rocks the cradle to be thinking that it gets to decide who lives or dies before the child is born.That is not a choice granted to women by God. These type of women are destructive to their husbands, their children and to society in general. Their support of evil and calling it good places then in the path to face the wrath of God. And no husband or son, if they are decent people wants their mothers or wives to be placed in such a position.

Men you have to do something biblical about this and combat this rising tide of disobedience in women. You cannot take a pass and say that it is the woman’s body. It is no longer her body when she has mated with a man and the body she is disposing of is not hers to destroy. The woman was never given authority over reproduction in deciding who can or cannot be born. You need to stand up and be men instead of rolling over and appeasing the woman. You need to lead them to the right way to think, you need to lead them away from the path of destruction and to the path of life.

While abortion is not the unforgivable sin,it is not an action approved of God and we know how God hates the destruction of innocent people no matter their age or stage in life. Men have to get a backbone here and wisely say ‘no’ to women and their desire to sin.

Does blocking this desire force women into inferior and subservient roles in life? Of course not for God has already empowered women to levels they cannot imagine but he empowers them with the tools to be holy not sinful, arrogant, and masters of their own destinies.

“It’s not abortion that’s bothering them. It’s empowering women to live our own lives,” she asserted. “And when we have power over our own destiny, we honor our most cherished traditions of charity and equality. These aren’t just women’s issues. These are the very foundation of our freedom

If a woman wants to be a master of her own destiny then she needs to live a life that is approved by God and men need to help them get there. To be ’empowered’ women need to understand that there are so many ways where they can influence the world around them and make wise decisions influenced by Jesus and avoid destructive and foolish decisions influenced by fallible, sinful, disobedient women.

How are women empowered by God? God has given them many of the same tools he has given men to be spiritually correct in their lives. he has given them intelligence to make wise decisions, he has given them the ability and desire to learn correctly, he has given them the right to choose how they will live and that choice empowers women. if they do not want to sin, they have the right to say no and that right to say no helps them avoid unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

God has granted them the ability to be prayer warriors, like Anna in the temple who served God by praying all the time. She did more to influence the world than any one advocating abortion on demand. We have a reader who suffers from MS and cannot live a life like other women can but she can still live a full spiritual life and serve God, even if it is being like Anna, through praying for others. She is not inferior spiritually, but can still make a spiritual difference. Ana was empowered but she was empowered by God to do what God wants not what evil desires.

And men you can encourage such women teaching them how to pray correctly, instructing them spiritually so that they can defend themselves when evil attacks. We need spiritually correct empowered women not evil inspired empowered ladies. We need women like Ruth, Esther, Mary the mother of Jesus, and others who found favor with God not because they were wrongfully empowered and sought to break the spiritual glass ceiling but because they had the right biblical attitudes and did not disobey God’s instructions.

Those are the women we need. Not those who get praise because they decided to kill a life because they were not ready to have a family. We need women who can make wise decisions and take responsibility for their actions, not those who blame politicians because they cannot say no to sex or take precautions. We need women who can direct their children to God’s path, teaching them God’s ways as God instructed in Deut. 4 not those ladies who destroy a nation by teaching their children to sin and that it is okay to sin.

We need humble women obedient to God’s words, not arrogant ladies who think they know better than God. We need those women who can teach other ladies how to live their lives correctly, loving their husbands and their children. Not those who think that an unborn child is a disease invading the body of a woman. Aborting a child is not showing love for their children but hatred because the child is inconvenient.

The world does not need women who lead others to destruction. It needs those women who are courageous enough to stand with God correctly and make a real difference in the lives of their families, their friends and their countries. Women like Mrs. Clinton and Hogue are not such women as they use their position to destroy families and the country the claim to love.Such women should not get and do not deserve any Christian support or praise. They need to be rebuked and taught lessons.

Those two women, and many more like them are very selfish

I made the decision that was best for me

They only think of themselves, not the fathers, their other children only themselves and that is not biblical teaching.We do not need such women in the world today. Men and women need to rise up in opposition to these leaders of evil and correctly use the spiritual authority in them to bring them face to face with God in hopes that they will see the error of their ways

We do not sin in combating these women. We rebuked them and rebut their sinful actions with God’s methods, bringing his holiness to the issue so that those who side with evil cannot stand nor continue to lead people to destruction.

Women’s lives matter so does their faith and entrance into heaven. Let’s take the right course of action to see that evil women do not succeed

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