What Other Bloggers Are Saying 2

For our final post of this internet session we will look at some of the things that hit the internet and we will start with an image that actually displays the unbelief and depravity of man even though it was used to humiliate believers.

#1. I Have A Bookhttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/religionprof/2016/07/i-have-this-book-heres-how-i-got-it.html

The above image comes via a post on Jerry Coyne’s blog, “The Truth About Creationism vs. Evolutionism.”

Yes it is the truth about creationism versus science but it i snot what the original author intended. Instead it shows how people will ignore what God has said about what he has done and go off and do their own thing, believe something other than what was actually done and simply ignore God. The person holding up the Bible is like a voice in the wilderness, speaking the truth but no one will listen let alone hear what he has to say.

They are all too busy pursuing alternatives to hear the truth. Creation was a one-time supernatural act not something done to appease secular scientists who reject God.

#2. If You Are Going To Do Top 10 Lists http://www.peteenns.com/10-old-testament-passages-that-mean-a-lot-to-me-and-shape-how-i-think-about-god/

and http://www.peteenns.com/my-top-10-new-testament-passages-and-the-4th-one-will-shock-you/

4. …the truth will make you free… (John 8:32). The truth—knowing Christ—will make you free, namely free from yourself to be free toward God.

Then you shouldn’t include verses that expose you as a false teacher, expose your heresy, and contradict what you have written in your books. This is but one example of cherry picking bible verses and altering them to fit what one wants to believe instead of allowing the verses to change you towards what is the truth. Another example

10. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). This about sums it all up for me. Knowledge alone is overrated. To trust God, despite what you know or don’t know or think you know, is to be whole and at peace.

Enns doesn’t trust God when it comes to our origins and has written books about his alternative beliefs. He relies upon his own understanding when it comes to God and his judgements against OT people as well and has written a book detailing his alternative beliefs. Why say you like those verses when you do not follow them correctly? because they allow enough wiggle room for people like Enns to believe what they want and delude themselves into thinking they are still a Christian.

#3. Being Politicalhttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/5-more-things-christians-should-remember-this-election-cycle/

Since as a Christian I believe our allegiance should be to the Kingdom of God and the principles that govern it,

Statements like this are funny because he has told everyone that he is a progressive Christian and not loyal to the kingdom of God.He seeks to change the kingdom and its guiding writings to lead people to do what he wants not what God wants. He does not understand much about why choosing a leader is so important nor does he understand how much of what takes place in politics among christians is personal desire not spiritual obedience and his point 2 exposes his lack of understanding that the position is filled by people who need to have integrity, character, honesty not by those who are looking to make cultural changes because of their personal ambitions.

Remember that people are more important than positions

And the people who occupy those positions of leadership matter. We do not let just anyone in especially if they are morally bankrupt and allow for sin to ruin a nation. His point 1 makes an interesting comment

Remember that Jesus said we should be known by how well we love each other

Love does not mean we place a woman in office just because she is a woman, she will make history, she is strong. None of those characteristics are criteria for leadership. Love does not allow for those who support sin and evil to lead the way, even in politics.

#4. God Has Spokenhttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/no-a-hillary-presidency-wont-be-the-end-of-america/

Whatever policy disagreements I have with Hillary Clinton, she is in no way a threat to the future of the Republic.

Yes I am being sarcastic but that is the impression I get when that particular blogger writes. He acts like he is God and has the final say on all matters both spiritual and political. He obviously does not apply scripture when creating his opinions about what will happen when certain people obtain the presidency. God warned us in Is.about loving evil and calling it good and from what I have heard and read about Mrs. Clinton, the speakers at the DNC and other comments made by leading democrats at other events America will be in jeopardy if Mrs. Clinton and the democrats get elected.

Their love for sin undermines anything good they claim to represent, their leading women to sin shows their true colors when it comes to God and his word and their support of other evil tell us that they are leading America to the fate suffered by so many ancient and sinful nations. America does not deserve a Jonah but it needs one desperately, and the DNP could be described as Nineveh is described– people who do not know their left hand from their right.

It is so sad to see that political party so openly encourage people to do evil and get so much support when they do so. if anything, the DNC is a message to believers that there is still a lot of work to do for God. We stand with God not with political parties. We declare what is right and wrong no matter how it affects the nominee and their platform. If they are wrong we let them know it we do not compromise.

We will add that these words apply to any political party that ignores what God has told us to do. We do not support the departure  from good, right and morality but stand in the breach pointing the correct way from destruction to salvation.

#5. Historianshttps://jamestabor.com/do-historians-exclude-the-supernatural/

Historians love and welcome evidence

Yes but God is about faith and there will not be enough evidence to satisfy historians.

Modern standards of argument and objectivity were unknown to ancient writers. Writing was more often than not a blatant attempt at propaganda and apologetics, and all the more so when it came to competing systems of religious understanding.

This is judging a whole group of people based upon minute extant historical works. If you compare many modern historians’ works you will see that they do the same thing as they accuse the ancients of doing. Maybe the ancient historians were just more honest than their modern counterparts.

For example, we know virtually nothing about the so-called “lost years of Jesus,” and thus are left to speculate about his childhood and early adult life until about age 30 (assuming we even trust Luke, our single source, about his age when he joined John the Baptizer). Our attempts are educated guesses and creative reconstructions.

Those ‘lost years’ are not germane to Christianity and we are given clues as to how Jesus behaved growing up when we read Mary’s words to the priests in the temple, and I paraphrase, ‘ even we do not understand some of the things he says’. Jesus may not have had a ministry but he was still God as a youngster and did not act as others humans acted.

We do not need to waste time constructing those ‘lost years’ because they are not what God wanted us to learn from and we cannot verify one thing about those years if we could. There is no record existing that was written about Jesus and his early life because salvation and the Christian life do not rest upon those first 30 years. People are changed because of what he taught in those 3 short years and it was that message his disciples took to the world.

It is the same with the question of whether or not Jesus was married or had children. For years I agreed with most of my colleagues that the possibilities of this appear to be slight but over the past five years, in looking at the new evidence from the Talpiot tombs, as well as reviewing all the arguments, I have become convinced otherwise…is completely unaware of the solid scholarship on Mary Magdalene

Even intelligent people are led astray by evil. They are not immune to deception if they do not believe God and follow his ways. Scholarship is not divinely inspired scripture but usually the work of unbelievers who cannot know the truth. Nor is scholarship the field we turn to when we want to know the truth. It is not the source of truth just subjective personal opinion.