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24 Jul

We have been the subject of two different blogs recently but we will not deal with those as we have made our comments to the people who wrote them. In this post we will be dealing with some information from other blogs that has gotten our attention.

#1.What the H*!! Does “Biblical” Mean?

So what does “biblical” mean to conservative Christians?

It means whatever they want it to mean.

It means whatever supports and endorses their beliefs, doctrines, biases, prejudices, and practices.

In reality, it doesn’t mean a darn thing.

He does make a good observation and it is a problem that has troubled us here at this website. Many conservative, bible believing Christian tend to cherry pick which verses they will attach the biblical label to and follow those while dismissing the ones they do not like. We are not talking about alternative believers here but those who claim to believe the Bible including Genesis 1 and Revelation and all points in between.

Part of the problem for this comes from how they and their pastors and church leaders have been taught. We know this teaching because we got it when we were attending a top evangelical school w in our youth. One professor would say, ‘that biblical teaching was a product of the culture of that time.’ Other people teach that secular culture determines what God has said to his church in different eras.

So we cannot fault many common church going member of this error. It is what they have been taught to be true and they gobble it up ignoring other biblical verses warning them to check what they hear, even from their pastors. You can see the result of this erroneous teaching. Confusion is not of God and people get confused when they are told that God’s word is not God;s word for today.

The simple question rises, then where are God’s word to us today.?” Sadly, the people who teach those cultural dictates do not have an answer to that question. In all the years that those ideas have been taught, no one has produced alternative, divinely inspired, apostle taught scriptures that would apply to the church today.

There are none. God’s instructions to the 1st century church are the same instructions for the 21st century church.The problem are those people who refuse to believe God when he provides instruction that goes against their personal desires. They are used by evil to confuse not only church members but the unbelieving world as well.hindering the church’s impact for Christ.

Jesus told us we would know the truth and that truth is going to be biblical and the truth does not change from century to century, culture to culture. There is no confusion with the truth and we know we can get to it because Jesus also told us that the Holy Spirit will lead us to it. We just need to trust and have confidence in God. And guess what, when we get to the truth we will see that others have the same truth. The Holy Spirit only leads us to God’s truth and there is only one truth.

Oh and the progressive Christians and other alternative believers do not have it.

#2.Bernard Ramm on Inerrancy

To me whether there are some errors or not in Scripture is something determined empirically. We cannot dogmatize facts into or out of existence.

The major mistake so many people who call themselves Christian make is that they assume and conclude that they are to use science and scientific methods over God’s word and instructions. They forget that neither God nor Jesus instructed or gave permission to us to go to science as the final authority on all things biblical. I have yet to receive an answer to the question “Where in the Bible do both God and Jesus give permission to take science over their words?”

There is no such verse. There are plenty of verses telling us to have faith in both, to believe them over evil and that love believes all things but no verse tells God’s followers to disbelieve what they say and go to those who are blind and deceived for their answers.

#3.The Endings of Mark Explained

We will let you read the image for yourself over at that website.We accept all the chapter of Mark 16 and do not think it was added later by some editor. We do know that so many ancient people have taken scissors to the Bible to make it fit their desires not God’s. The many different endings can be explained in this manner. Since we do not know the history of each fragment and manuscript extant we cannot conclude that some editor added the words people do not like in that chapter.

Assuming that older manuscripts are more accurate than later ones is also a fatal mistake so many scholars make. That is not the criteria in determining which manuscript is preserved by God or not. But then since when do biblical scholars actually believe and follow God and his instructions? (Very few)

#4.creating God in our image of the Bible

Perhaps it is not the view of God that yields the expectation of Scripture, but the theological need for a certain type of Scripture that yields a particular view of God.

Alternative believers like Peter Enns like to attack the Bible and how it reveals God to us. They have decided that they do not like what they read so they try over and over to remove the Bible from the Christian life and seek to interject their own ideas to fill the void left by their exclusion of biblical words.Our view of God comes from following the Holy Spirit to the truth about God and the bible and we would not really see God nor learn his ways without it. Yes we would have nature telling us that God exists but nature does not bring us God’s instructions on how to live or how to view God.

True bible believers are not putting God into any box that he has not already put himself into. Titus tells us that God cannot lie and since God cannot lie then his word cannot lie and since the Bible is God’s word, and we know this because God promised to preserve it, then we know we have the correct view of God IF we learn from the Holy Spirit.

People, like Enns, are not going to get to the truth about God and the Bible when they ignore the Holy Spirit and what he teaches. The Bible helps us understand who God is, what he has done and how he wants us to live, and only people who want their own way oppose the view of God the Bible paints about him.

#5.How do you see the world?

The EVO diagram is the best of them all, but has the problem that it’s also the least easily understood and the most complicated.

It is not but what do you expect from those who reject the truth? We see the world as God created and the order he established. There is no other alternative for it is God’s world and his creation not the evolutionists nor the scientists.

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