Nothing New Can Be Said

24 Jul

The title says it all even though the following two posts are on the LGBTQ issue. We try to find new things to say but this issue is a very limited and restricted one and nothing groundbreaking is on the horizon nor is there any smoking gun being hidden by the supporters of these communities.

Everything that can be said in favor of these alternative sexual and gender preference has been said and everything that can be said in opposition to them has been said.  There is nothing new or more to discuss,

We can only state how wrong it is in so many different forms and then we just end up repeating ourselves in our attempts to convince deaf ears of their upcoming destruction.

The issue is not a civil rights or a discrimination issue nor is it a fight over rights or equality. The LGBTQ issue is about deception, preference, rebellion, right and wrong, good and evil and morality and immorality. Anything else is a distraction and clouds or distorts the issue.

Those added ideologies are done in hopes of convincing weak and vulnerable opponents that LGBTQ preferences are normal, acceptable and okay. At no time can they be considered such for the secular world is not the final authority on this issue. It is not their ideas and standards we live by.

The secular world does not have secret roads to the truth. They do not possess better knowledge of the state of the LGBTQ thinking. They are charged by God to be the light unto the church and its members.

They are in need of the light and the truth which can only be brought by true believers. The secular world and this includes LGBTQ communities and their members are the ones deceived and being led astray. The church is not in need of enlightenment from those who are blind and without a savior.

With this in mind, we offer two more posts n the LGBTQ issue and we are worried that they may not be as strong as past posts. But we need to keep reminding people that LGBTQ preferences and identities are not of God, not normal and not acceptable. They are from evil and meant to destroy those who fall to the deception and accept the lies they are told about their own sexuality and gender identities.

Wise counsel and action is needed to be done when these ideas first appear and we cannot condemn those who experience them but lead them carefully through the tangled mess of deceit to the correct godly path the need to take. We do not act like a bull in a china shop but as the situation demands, we work hand in hand with God to save our young from being destroyed by those who reject God.

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