Multiple Sexualities

24 Jul

Today’s post come from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, print edition Sunday July 10th, 2016, as we have not had internet access for a few days. The title of the article which we will take some quotes from is: transgender, transwoman, pansexual, transsexual, homosexual,– which one are you?

Needless to say we do not agree with these labels and prefer God’s categories—straight or perverted or obedient or disobedient. The firs quote addresses this part of what we will talk about today.

Suddenly we wake up to a wide spectrum of sexualities

No we have not woken up to a wide spectrum of sexualities, this is not a modern phenomenon. The idea that people are different sexualities has been around for a long, long time and if Michael Vine is to be believed about the ancient Greeks and Romans then these identities were found in those societies long before western culture emerged.

As Solomon has told us, nothing is new under the sun thus the idea of more than one sexuality has been in existence long before the ancient Greeks and Romans came upon the scene.

Angelina Mead King, or Angie as she now wants to be known, was born Ian Angelo King, a businessman… is married to celebrity model Joey mead. So What does that make Angie Mead, now that she is a transwoman who likes women. Does that make her a lesbian? What about Joey mead? Does that also make her a lesbian, since she is sleeping with a transwoman?

To be technical, it does not make them lesbian since Ian King is still a man. No amount of cosmetic and alteration surgery will ever change that fact. It does make them weird and people like perversion.

‘Gender identity is how you identify yourself or who you want to sleep as’, Dungea adds, ‘ Sex is what you were born as, your genitalia at birth ir what’s on your birth certificate. Gender, meanwhile, isn’t black or white; it is a cross between sexual orientation and gender identity

The deception in that person and other people similar to him is great. You can read it right in his words as he tries to make gender separate and something different from the sex you were born as.

You cannot separate gender from sex, they go hand in hand and no matter how hard these people try to convince themselves that they can, they are only following deeper and deeper into evil’s trap. Gender is who you are and the indication of that identify comes from your genitalia, and other organs inside the body.

Contrary to his declaration, gender is very black and white. You can either be a male or a female and until these people can prove an actual mistake was made, like a doctor practicing genetic engineering, nothing will change your identity you were given at conception.

‘I’ll use myself as an example,’ says Dungea. ‘I was born with male genitalia but I identify as a woman, that is my gender identity. I am attracted to men. I’m a heterosexual transgender woman. That’s different from someone who’s gay…’

This is a desperate attempt to appear and feel normal. He deludes himself as he is still a man who likes other men. He is a homosexual, not a heterosexual transgendered woman. This is how bad the alternative sexual preference people get and the quoted words demonstrate why God calls this perversion an abomination and says that homosexuals will not enter heaven.

The sin and delusion alters the thinking of those who choose this lifestyle so much so that they do not know what the truth is any more. Also these people cannot redefine what gender and sexual identity mean for they do not have the authority to do so. Their supposed new identity is purely subjective and based upon nothing real or factual. This trend to re-identify comes from them alone as they do not like God’s terms for their new identities.

‘As for Angie’s wife, Joey, only she can say what she is’, says Dungea, ‘Gender is internal. You can’t dictate…’

No this is wrong. Gender is not internal. It is displayed right on the outside of the body for all to see if we were allowed to look. What is internal is the deception that is taking place in the minds of these people who reject their birth gender and opt for some alternative.

The people doing the dictating are those who are rejecting their birth gender and declaring that they are something other than what their body tells them they are. The people who state that a person’s gender identity depends upon what genitalia they had at birth are only declaring the truth and not dictating.

We can see that God is not in this trend to alter one’s gender identity for the move is based upon lies and deception not the truth as we see by the next quote:

Gender is very fluid, says Dungea..

No, gender is very exact and what is fluid is the deceived thinking that takes place in the brains of those who reject the truth about their gender and their sexual orientation.

Gender is locked in and there is no struggle between genetic materials that favor one gender over another to make a child a gender they are not supposed to be. How a person is born is how their gender identity was supposed to be. There were no mistakes during the pre-natal period, no genetic engineering alterations and so on. Those who think they are a different gender than what their physical bodies tell them, need to do some spiritual warfare and fight off evil and keep from being deceived.

It is evil that influences these decisions that a person is a different gender than their birth identity or that they are not a heterosexual. They were not born that way. A person cannot change their gender identity physically and they do not transition into another gender, for that is impossible. What they do is allow for evil to deceive them into thinking that way and they willfully go along because they refuse to accept the truth about themselves.


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