It Is Sad

24 Jul

#1. That Women Are Treated So Badly BUT

The brother of Pakistani model and social media star, Qandeel Baloch, says he’s proud he killed his sister, because he was embarrassed by her social media posts and “girls are born to stay home.”

Women deserve justice and to be treated fairly. Because they break the rules it should not mean they are to be subject to the ultimate punishment. Lesser more just disciplinary measures work a lot better and give the person a chance to repent of their infractions and bad attitudes.

We are also sad because many women may not like the rules and then decide to put themselves in harm’s way by deciding to take the wrong action against those rules. Rules are in place for a reason and women you should not expect to have nothing happen to you when you break them. We do not agree with honor killings but we also do not agree with disobedient women who think they know better than anyone else and act accordingly.

If your disobedience is not God centered and directed then you are not helping womanhood achieve anything but more suffering. Peter speak son this and tells women to be biblical in their actions regardless of how they are treated. Men need to do the same and regardless of how they are treated by their wives, they need to love them as Christ loved the church. Do unto others, do not return evil for good and other bible verses apply to the family relationship not just to how we are to treat unbelievers.

#2. That Pastors Of Great Or Any Status Cannot Preach The Truth

God has never made a person He doesn’t love, Warren stressed. “Race was God’s idea,” he said. “Racial reconciliation is at the heart of the Gospel.”

Race was not God’s idea. That ideology came from evolutionary thinking not biblical teaching. The Bible teaches that there is no such thing as race and that there is only one species of humans and they all descended from Adam and Eve. Too many pastors are guilty of accepting false ideas from the secular world and rob the people of the truth and the correct way to act towards each other.

#3. That People Who Are Not Famous For Anything Think They Are Experts On Everything

Several conservative voices from North Carolina, including the Rev. Franklin Graham and the Benham Brothers, have spoken out against the NBA’s decision to pull the 2017 All-Star game from Charlotte to protest the state’s transgender bathroom law.

Having a TV show cancelled is not criteria for knowing what you are talking about and we are sorry but supposed persecution does not make one knowledgable on everything nor permission to speak on the actions of others. While we disagree with the NBA’s decision, they are free to move the all-star game for whatever reason they want. The all-star game belongs to them not the Benham brothers or North Carolina.

Then while we support the NC Governor’s decision to stand by his law, and that it is a correct law, do not expect others to do the same. Those that disagree with you will take their own action justified by whatever logic they can find that will support their bias, violation of some people’s rights and support of sin. The non-christian world is influenced by and obeys evil not God. Do not expect them to act Christian when they do not accept nor follow Christian teaching.

The secular world’s and other believers’ alternative action is not permission for the believer to ignore biblical teaching.

#4. That People Spend Millions Of Dollars Then Expect Unbelievers To Automatically Drop To Their Knees In Repentance

Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham has responded to criticism from Bill Nye “the Science Guy” over the recently opened Ark Encounter in Kentucky, by claiming that Nye is seeking to “brainwash” children and convince them that they’re “just animals.”

While we are not supporters of the ;ark park’ or its founder’s proclamation that it ‘will be the greatest evangelistic tool in modern church history’ we do not deny Mr. Ham the right to build it. We will say it is not a Christian endeavor and a waste of money as people are not looking for replicas to change their lives. They need and want God to care about them.

The only way for that to take place is for Christians to roll up their sleeves and get involved with unbelievers in the correct biblical way.The greatest evangelistic tool in any era of church history are true believers who live their faith and do the good works Jesus wants them to do so that seeds are planted and watered for evangelists to reap.

People make the difference NOT buildings, not museums, not programs. To see God the unbeliever must experience him through believers first.If the believer is off spending huge sums of money on objects they preach will not make it to heaven then the unbeliever will not experience God but see hypocrisy. Yes we can teach about the flood but we do not need an ark park to do it.


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