We Get These Letters

19 Jul

And we are sure you do as well but to get our attention, these organizations should not place a large ‘donate now’ button right under our name

Dear Feeding Flock,

I am sorry but we are turned off by this attention to money and the demand to donate to their cause, whatever that may be. we also do not like these ‘Christians’ to use the fear factor or distort the issue when it comes to what the ‘left is doing’

The Left is attacking your freedom to believe.

They may be doing so but we do not need a political campaign to overturn their efforts, we just need to properly pray and ask God for the right direction we should take. The next quote just adds fuel to the fear factor

The floodgates have opened for attacks on religious freedom. Our religious freedoms are under attack as never before. The attacks are growing bolder, fiercer, with each passing day.

What also bothers us is that Mr. Perkins was someone who announced that Christians should take care of their people in need better. So we wrote him and presented a real need and all we got back from him and his organization was silence. We do not like one-way streets so I doubt we will be supporting Mr. Perkins and his organization any time soon.

His is not the only letter we receive.

David Christensen
Vice President for Government Affairs

Sends us e-mails as well but thankfully the big donation button is at the bottom of the page instead of staring us in the eyes at the get go.

President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has refused to uphold the federal law known as the Weldon Amendment, which bars federal funds from being used by the federal government or even states to discriminate against pro-life Americans. Two years ago, the state of California mandated that all employee health plans cover abortions, including policies provided by churches and religious organizations. Recently, HHS finally responded to complaints from California churches by refusing to enforce federal law.

This may be so but the best course of action is to vote republican this year and let the new administration right any wrong committed by Mr. Obama. Anytime there is a big donation button, we tend to think twice about participating because to us these organizations are more about raising money than working for the people or God.

They seem to be Christian in name only. The same goes for so many letters we have received from different Christian agencies. We are very careful about whom we support because we find, and this includes AIG, that more often than not, the leaders have lost their way and lean far too much upon their own understanding and far too little on God and his Spirit.

Nye vs Ham DEBATE #2! View clip now. Save on all Nye/Ham resources.

This was the subject of the most recent newsletter we receive from AIG and to tell you the truth we do not care about a second debate. We don’t really care about the first one either as it was a travesty. Debates may not be the smartest way to present the good news or evidence and they can backfire on believers. It is best to present the message God wants you to present, and let the unbeliever make their own decisions after studying any evidence that accompanies your side of the discussion.

AIG does do some good work and we own a lot of their DVDs in the science arena but… and we will leave it there.

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