The Firing Of Perry Noble 2

14 Jul

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We are addressing this situation again as we feel that the people who created the petition have made some good points

#1.Hundreds of supporters of the popular NewSpring Church in South Carolina that announced the firing of its founding and Senior Pastor Perry Noble on Sunday, due to his alcoholism and other “unfortunate choices and decisions,” launched a petition Wednesday to have him reinstated, but Noble doesn’t endorse the move.

There is nothing unbiblical about expressing the desire to keep one’s pastor.  Nor is there anything that states that the Pastor or the church has to abide by those desires. Church people need to be free and secure enough to be able to express their opinions on an action taken by their leadership and the leadership should be wise enough to provide the right answers so that they people can learn from what is going on.

Both actions need to be handled correctly and wisely so that sin, resentment, anger do not enter into the congregation.

#2.”This petition was started to show Pastor P that we, as church members, friends, family, and others are standing with and praying for him in this difficult time. We all love him and want him to get the help he needs,” said the petition launched Wednesday, seeking 100,000 signatures.

Support is great but do not let it be blind support and to the point that people ignore God’s direction and guidance. The people’s desire may not line up with what God wants done thus they need to be courageous enough to accept that fact and flexible enough to make the change. It is God’s church after all not the people’s and it is his will that takes first place over all other wills involved. The church follows God’s leading God does not follow the Church’s.

#3.”Let it also be known that once Perry Noble has conquered this storm, with God’s amazing grace, we want to see him reinstated as senior pastor. No one is perfect. We are all sinners in need of God’s forgiveness. Perry needs our support and our prayers. All things are possible though Christ Jesus.

This is the first good point that those people made. Pastors deserve the same grace, forgiveness and mercy that all people want to receive and there is nothing wrong with reinstating Mr. Perry BUT only IF he has truly conquered his problems and returned to true spirituality. People need to be discerning and make sure no shortcuts were taken, that he is not letting his anxious feelings to get back to leadership influence his healing or that he may just be faking his healing.

It has to be a true restoration or he is still not fit to lead the congregation, or any congregation.

#4.I’ve seen a couple comments on Twitter and I just wanted to address this. I’ve seen some comments that said, ‘hey, I’m never going back to NewSpring again because they fired Perry Noble. Here’s what I’m gonna ask you, if you love me, be at NewSpring this Sunday, and the next Sunday and the next Sunday. I love my church. … I fully endorse NewSpring’s decision to bring Clayton King on as interim pastor. He is a great man of God,” Noble said.

This is a good attitude to have in this situation. The pastor is not the irreplaceable ingredient in the church. God has many men who can do the job and replace other pastors. This change does not necessarily mean that previous pastor was totally bad but simply that a change needed to be made and a situation addressed.

Now keep in mind that I do not know all the doctrinal positions Mr. Perry holds to, I am merely commenting on specific points in what I am reading. I am not endorsing or defending Mr. Perry nor am I standing in judgment of him. I am focusing on those specific points that need to be highlighted ad discussed.

#5. For those of you saying I’m not going back, that’s not the right thing to do. The leadership of NewSpring Church made the right decision. God has gotten my attention. I’m focused on getting better. I’m not bitter, I’m focused on getting better, and I pray that will be your stance as well. I’m going to get through this. We’re going to get through this

We hope this is true. Many mega church leaders and other famous pastors have said similar things only to have their deception exposed later on. Of course, it didn’t help to have those words placed right above a photo that makes Mr. Perry look like an inmate of an insane asylum. Surely, more dignified pictures were available. Discretion still needs to be practiced by all people.

#6.NewSpring Church Executive Pastor Shane Duffey revealed Sunday that the church made the decision to fire Noble after months of trying to help him correct his behavior.

And while we agree with their efforts and strategy, we also have talked about how the ultimate penalty may not be the wisest choice in these or other situations. Yes he is not qualified to lead God’s congregation but that lack of qualifying doe snot necessarily mean the ultimate penalty is applicable or the right choice of discipline. And the petition people make their second good point here and it is:

#7.Many of those who signed the petition calling for Noble’s return argued that the leadership of NewSpring could have elected to send the pastor on a sabbatical instead of firing him.

“Addiction is a disease. Get him treatment and give him his job back. If it were cancer, he wouldn’t be fired, he would get the best treatment and keep his job. Addiction is similar to diabetes and hypertension in that they are chronic illnesses. Poor choices could have contributed to the development of these illnesses, but they are diseases nonetheless. Addiction is a brain disease that robs the sufferer of the power of choice,” argued Stacy Knox of Anderson, South Carolina.

This is true though we may not agree with the ‘addiction is a disease’ theory and it is a secular theory so we need to be careful about using that terminology. Relying on alcohol does disqualify a pastor from being a steward of the church but it does not always mean that the pastor should be fired. There are other courses of action that are available to help him be qualified once again. Alcoholism and a bad marriage are not the unforgivable sins though many people place such stigma on those aspects of life when it comes to church leadership, much like they do divorce.

There is nothing wrong in giving the pastor a sabbatical and a chance to clean up his life first before removing him from employment. We should be wise enough to discern which option would be best to do first so that the person can be restored without threat to his and his family’s financial security.

Then we may not agree with the reasons given by the people quoted in that article but we do think that firing may be the last resort, not the first one even if the church leadership had dealt with the issues for months prior to the firing. A sabbatical or some other option still may be the better way to bring repentance. But with that said if God directed the firing then we cannot complain but accept it and work to restore the pastor to holy living again.

#8.In his comments on Wednesday, Noble apologized again for his dependency on alcohol and said he is checking into rehab to get the help he needs.

Do we need to say it? What do people expect when their church leaders ignore proper biblical teaching and let sin in the door of their lives? Does anyone expect a different result when believers play fast and loose with God’s instructions? God wrote the Bible and gave his instructions for a purpose and he did not give us authority to alter or ignore those instructions. When church leadership does it, they cannot expect their people to obey God either.

Church leaders need to set the right biblical example and proclaim the correct message to their people if they want holy people who are acceptable to God in their care. They have to get the Bible right, they have to be serious about God’s word and instructions or they are failing God, their people and themselves and leading people to sin instead of God’s holy life.

#9.I am checking into a treatment facility and gonna work with some excellent people who are gonna really help me take my next steps. I’m serious about fighting for my wife and my daughter. And I’m serious about following Jesus,” he said.

Again we hope this is true and that his desire to follow Jesus guided him to a Christian facility not a secular one. But public statements are just that public statements. It would be better if he just did it without the fanfare so people could see that he truly was serious.

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