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09 Jul

We are going to just touch on a few issues being posted by different bloggers.

#1. Rachel Held Evans

But if I had it to do over, if I could somehow transport 34-year-old Rachel back to that sunny morning when things were simpler and I thought myself so much smarter, I would add:

Class of 2003, let the world change you too. 

If you want an example of bad and unscriptural teaching this is a good one. This idea flies in the face of biblical instruction and tells people to ignore God’s warnings and directives and walk in the counsel of the ungodly, to be of the world and let your self be deceived by those who are already deceived. Ms. Evans is telling people to leave the truth of God’s word and embrace and accept sin and sinful teachings.

Her misuse of scripture is another sign as to how off the mark she really is. We are to be the light unto the world, the world is not the light unto believers. We have the truth, the world does not, we want God to make his mark on us not the sinful world.

#2. Rachel Held Evans 2-

Like it or not, God needs women—for food, for friendship, for the work of redemption.

In a modern age where women are looking for reassurance about their role in life, God’s plan for them or even confidence in living their lives bloggers tend to go over the edge in providing some spiritual nugget to help women become better believers. Ms. Evans is one such misguided and deluded blogger as she fails to realize that God did not need women or he could not send his son to earth to provide the final sacrifice for our sins.

He was being consistent with his reproduction design, his design for life and stayed within his own boundaries. In this way we could relate to Jesus much easier than if God used any alternative method to bring Christ to earth. Then she needs to keep in mind that when God designed humans he already knew what he was going to do thousands of years after he created Adam and Eve and he prepared women for that duty but then he only needed one woman so what about the billions of other women who did not bear a divine child? Are they less worthy and not finding favor with God?

These questions demonstrate the danger of trying to over-generalize and make women feel good about themselves. They end up making things worse. if women need role spiritual role models to feel better about their role in life or how to live like Jesus wants, there are plenty of examples from Sarah on up to past Mary where the women did not break God’s rules and lived lives that found favor with God.

The problem today is that most women in the church or I may need to change that and say some, do not want to live as God wants them to live. They want to do the man’s duty and in that sinful pursuit they neglect their own specific tasks that God wants them to do. They think they are following God’s call but in reality they are rebelling against God and making things worse for their families and church.

#3. Robert Cargill

Legendary English comedian John Cleese recently recorded a video where he discusses the role of political correctness in society. (The YouTube version is here). I agree with John Cleese. Political correctness is a good idea when it discourages people from being mean or nasty to those who cannot necessarily change their condition or status, be it race, gender, ethnicity, body size and shape, mental or physical disability, etc.

We can agree that political correctness is out of control and wielded by over zealous unbelievers. Unfortunately that is not the only people who wield the political correctness sledge-hammer as many members of the different churches, use that ideology to attack their fellow congregant. But we must point out that political correctness is not a Christian or biblical teaching and the church should ignore it as they practice what God has taught us in the Bible.

God has given us clear and concise instructions on how we are to behave towards others thus the church does not need to supplement that teaching with secular ideology.

But when an idea is harmful to society, or when the idea is easily and has been repeatedly debunked with facts and evidence and logic and numbers, and when an idea has been shown to marginalize certain individuals or groups, then these ideas can and should be critiqued

This is the heart of the issue. Mr. Cargill does not want to have political correctness interfere with what he wants to do but he will use it if it means stopping biblical teaching. He prefers to have secular science be the word and authority of the day and claims that science has debunked biblical teaching. He is wrong of course, but atheists like him will opt for faulty science over the words of the God who was there and revealed it all to us.

We know this because Mr. Cargill attacks any Christian academic institution when the latter relieves bad professors from their employ. He accuses these institutions of interfering with academic freedom yet Mr. Cargill never advocates for biblical teaching to be a part of secular courses. He only believes in a one way street for academic freedom– his way. That attitude is also seen in his views on political correctness. PC must go his way or it is wrong

The church cannot afford to follow sinful and secular ideology. The church leads the way to the truth and examples that truth it doe snot take its lead from the secular world. Too often church staff forget about God and follow the secular government over biblical teaching and this needs to be corrected. We bring the truth to the world, the world does not bring the truth to the church.

#4. Mark Sandlin

Being a “Christian” means “being a little Christ.” Put even more succinctly, it means “following Jesus.”

Can you actually do things on this list and call yourself a Christian? Well, of course. Sadly, people do it all the time.

Are you following Jesus when you vote for these things. Nope

When progressive christians create these type of lists we get a an open look into how bad their theology and perspectives really are. We also see how far from biblical teaching they have strayed. Their lack of understanding is so obvious even an immature believer can see how wrong they are. For example;

Anti-LGBT laws

Ask yourself: “Who would Jesus discriminate against?”

As you think about the answer, keep in mind that while the Pharisees encouraged discrimination against women, tax collectors, the poor, and even Samaritans, Jesus went out of his way to radically include them all.

In this example we see that the author has no clue what discrimination means nor can he determine the difference between obeying God’s instruction and actual discrimination. We also see that he does not understand the concept of sin and how God has set the rules for what is right and what is wrong.Most of his list consists of personal opinions not divinely led correction and that is always a danger when reading progressive christian materials. They do not know how to put aside their personal opinions and let those personal views influence their understanding of scripture.

Then, while we see that some of those items need some tweaking to be accurate towards the subject of that post, his self-appointment to be the authority over what Christians can or cannot do undermine anything he says. He cannot be an authority to tell other Christians what to do for not only does he mis-apply biblical verses and situation she violates his own rules contained in that list. He breaks #9 by telling people what they can or cannot do along with his personal vendetta against Mr. Trump.

People have the right to vote for whomever they want and trying to deprive them of that right means you are forcing your views upon others. Progressive Christians need to learn to practice what he preaches as I am sure he is not doing everything on his own list. We just do not have the time to research him and see if he is following what he is preaching but one thing is for sure, he is not following scripture.

He does not love God but seeks to change Christianity to fit his will instead of giving u his desires for God’s.This is true for almost every Progressive Christian.

#5. Mark Sandlin

I think people who say these cliches are mostly trying to be kind, grateful, and even humble when they say some of them. But if we really do want to be kind, grateful, and humble we need to think about these sayings a little more – and then stop saying them.

Mr. Sandlin is back with another list he feels Christians should not do. The problem is he does not provide any real biblical support for his appointment to being the authority on what Christians can and cannot do. He also provides no real scriptural basis for his dissent to those words, nor does he provide any wise counsel directing believers to better things to say.

He just makes a pet peeve list and demands that everyone follows his demands.But this is the way it is with Progressive Christians. Their dissent is all personal and nothing biblical or divinely led. It is their subjective opinion they spout and not God’s guidance. He attacks people instead of leading them to a better way to speak and that is another problem with Progressive Chr. They attack and ignore wisdom and understanding, they also make themselves superior to other believers as if they alone have the light and have the truth. They have neither.

The King James Bible tells me there are unicorns – 9 times.

I’m sorry, I got distracted. What was it you were telling me about using the Bible to prove a fact?

This quote is evidence for what we just wrote. The unicorn of mythology fame was a horse with one horn, the unicorn of biblical teaching is an animal with one horn. At no time does the bible teach that the unicorn is a horse with one horn. The lack of truth in the Prog. Chr. words, the distortion in their work is astounding and leads so many people away from the truth. They hurt not inform, they inflict pain not heal. Progressive Christians are neither progressive or Christian but deceived people speeding away from God and the truth.

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