A Word To Creationists

09 Jul

In light of what has been happening, we still need to address other issues that are taking place in the Christian world.  We had planned to do a couple of posts today and possibly tomorrow as we cannot attend to the important details of our personal business over the weekend.

#1. Do Not Lie Or Distort–

That young-earth creationists lie to the general public bothers me. That I once fell for their lies and passed them on to others bothers me a little more.

Now we are not following James McGrath’s lead and think that Creationists lie; we already know that some do.  The point is that Creationists are not free to alter the truth in any way nor distort it in order to be seen as more credible or an authority. We stick to the truth as Paul has told us that no one can defend or do anything against the truth.

Now we know that the alternative believers and secular world will make accusations that Christians, in particular Creationists, lie but those accusations may only apply in certain cases. The rest of the time they are false because those groups of people have decided that secular science is telling the truth and that the holy and sinless God who offers everyone the same salvation sins and lies.

Just because educated and experienced people declare a Creationist is lying does not mean a Creationist is lying. They could be passing on erroneous information honestly as they were taught it and that is not lying but merely being mistaken and misled. The accusation of lying is used far too freely by those groups and misapplied far too often thus they are lying when they accuse Creationists of lying.

To be on the safe side, make sure you have the truth and this does not mean going back to the very person who gave you the information in the first place and asking ‘is this true?’ To them it may be and they do not know any better. Research and ask God to help you find the truth and to give you one indicator, you will not find the truth with the secular world so do not take their word over God’s.

Do not lie, do not distort for those acts will only ruin your ministry and provide justification for the alternative believer and unbeliever to reject the truth and God. Make sure you have the truth and stick to that so you are actually blameless as God wants us to be.We are not doing God any favors if we distort or ignore the truth then pass that bad information on to others.

#2. Wonder Is Not Killed With The Truth

The folly is considerable. What most depresses me tonight is this: Neither the theology nor the science of the Ark Park is even partially sufficient to the mystery before which we all stand. The park itself is manufactured out of anti-wonder. It gives dead-end answers to questions that really matter, it actively discourages creativity, is fearful of complexity and uncertainty, and runs fast in every anti-intellectual direction imaginable.

The God of the Ark Park is a lunatic con artist, having very recently created a cosmos delicately rigged to appear 13.8 billion years old (why?). The Bible of the Ark Park is as dull and two-dimensional as the paper it’s printed on. The science of the Ark Park is not science at all; it is a lie wrapped in science-y language written and spoken to deceive the unknowing.

As a father, I am saddened tonight to think of all those kids who will never learn about the wonders of real science and real theology and real biblical studies. These are entire worlds of thought and creativity and imagination that will be forever closed to the majority of the children whose parents take them to this travesty.

The author of that piece is very misguided as it is not wonder that is killed by AIG and its scientific work. The truth doesn’t kill wonder but fuels at as we see the mighty power of God in reality. Correct answers to questions do not kill wonder for there are many unanswered questions out there to pursue and wonder helps lead us to the answers to those questions.

Wonder is not the result of scientific work but one of the motivators to finding the correct answer. When we get to the truth then we know that wonder, guided by the Holy Spirit has done its job and is no longer needed. That author wants to keep people away from the truth and using wonder correctly. What does this mean to Creationists? We do not let wonder dictate our science. We use it as a tool with the help of the Holy Spirit so we get to the truth and once we find the truth we proclaim that, not more mysteries.

The truth is always a dead-end but scientists should not worry for arriving at the truth does not end science but guides its future work. Real science finds the truth and the correct answers , it doe snot keep people in the dark believing lies or that mysteries are more important than coming to the correct solution. The problem with alternative believers and secular scientists is that they want the search not the conclusion of a matter and that is the wrong attitude to have. Real science is not about the search but achieving the truth.

People like that author are doing a disservice to children and students by their misguided approach to science. Creationists need to use science to get to the truth in order to keep believers away from the lies of secular science as well as keeping their faith strong. They do not falsify anything nor accept secular thinking or conclusions on any given matter.

Go for the truth.

#3. Be Biblical

Here Are Aerial Images of Ken Ham’s Ark Under Construction. Notice Anything Un-Biblical?

First, the unbelieving world does not know what is or isn’t biblical.  Mr. Ham is allowed to use modern construction equipment because there were no real instructions by God on which tools were to be used to build the ark. He is not being unbiblical because they are no biblical instructions violated or in existence governing the tools needed to work with.

Given that metal working was in existence in Noah’s time, we do not know what tools and equipment Noah and his sons had at their disposal. So no one can claim that Mr. Ham was unbiblical in using modern equipment.

Second, the charge of being unbiblical comes from the secular world’s false idea about the past. They think everyone at that time was in the Stone or pre-Stone Age thus there were no modern equipment available for Noah and his sons to use. The secular world has no idea what equipment was in existence in those times and only base their conclusions upon faulty speculation of what is found in archaeological excavations.

Metal rusts and deteriorates , stone does not, thus it is an argument from silence and absurdity to say that Noah’s world had only stone to work with. Then if we do find ancient metal tools, they are often mislabeled and misplaced into the wrong Age because the secular world does not accept biblical teaching or the truth about our past.

Third, keep in mind that concrete and other masonry products have been in existence since very ancient of times thus they may have had cement mixers of some level available but since Noah’s ark was made of wood and not concrete I doubt he used them to build the ark. People do mix concrete by hand even though metal cement mixers are available.

“If the Creation Science Museum folks really believed the Word of God, they would have built the Ark by hand, with eight people, using only materials/methods available thousands of years ago. Apparently, the people who run the Creation Science Museum do not think this is possible. So, they have only given ammunition to unsaved trash who claim the Bible is fiction. I rebuke them for unwittingly falling into this wholly unnecessary, and expensive, trap.”

This is a very misinformed person who provides evidence for what we have just talked about.

Being biblical does not line up with the secular world’s point of view. It brings the truth even when it disagrees with accepted thought.

#4. Be Wise & Discerning

But perhaps God’s message could be spread by means other than building a really big boat. Here are five ways Ham’s $73 million might have otherwise served the people of Kentucky:

Not every idea a Creationist has is of God. We need to be careful that we are not confusing personal desire with divine leading. This does not mean we follow the secular world on how to spend money but we look to biblical instruction to guide us in how we handle our finances. We feel somewhat the same as that author but we did not get our feelings from the secular world. We had them for decades as we witnessed church congregation after church congregation burden themselves with multi-million dollar debts when constructing new sanctuaries and spiritual buildings.

It is easier to raise money for earthly projects like the ark park than it is to help the homeless, the hungry, the innocent because there is a material return on the invested dollars with those terrestrial projects. People do not want to invest in people because they do not get their money back and that is the wrong attitude to have.

So Creationists need to be wise before attempting projects like the ark park and question if the message cannot be sent in a much more meaningful, thoughtful and financially responsible manner. We need to be servants doing God’s will not our own.


Creationists need to apply all biblical teaching to their lives and not attack those who disagree with them but respond with the truth in love. While we defend and promote Genesis we do not error and disobey the Bible nor do we over-spend even when we think God is behind our earthly projects. We make sure and are careful not over-zealous and misleading.

We follow the Holy Spirit correctly and are humble not arrogant.  We follow biblical instruction correctly not use it to justify our use of personal ideas over God’s. We stick to the truth after we have verified that we received the truth.


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