The Christian Response

08 Jul

In light of the events that have taken place the past couple of days and yes we get CNN and Fox news in this country so we have followed those events,there must be a solid Christian response to all sides of this situation. We also know that many Christian leaders will speak out on how Christians should respond so simply place ours in their midst and choose the most biblical way to view this issue and find a way to be involved correctly in your community.

#1. Christians Need To Be Realistic

In other words, we call a spade a spade. We do not distort the situation and label it what it is not. The secular world does that too freely and Christians need to keep the focus on the truth and the real nature of the situation.

#2. Be Biblical

We do not jump on the racism/racist bandwagon for we know that the different nationalities of the world are not made up of 4 or 5 different and distinct races. We are not divided by being different species of humans but are all members of one species and our separation is due to misguided human thinking. The bible does not divide humans into different races but clearly informs us that we all descended from Adam and Eve.

We need to continue to inform the world of this fact not be influenced by the world’s refusal to accept the truth

#3. No Escape Clauses

Biblical instructions, for example: do unto others; turn the other cheek; do not return evil for evil and so many more  do not carry with them disclaimers which read do unto others except when… return good for evil except when… turn the other cheek except when… God has provided us the right instructions to follow and they apply to all situations equally. We have to make sure we apply those verses correctly in order to bring God correctly to the situation and so justice, fairness and other biblical characteristics can influence those involved in these situations and also the observers who silently stand by and watch to see how people will respond.

We correctly apply love and other emotions, which means we may not react as the secular world expects.

#4. We Identify The Source Correctly

The source is not racism for that idea is a lie and lies are sin. Hatred is a sin and not of God no matter what has happened to cause that emotion. There is no biblical justification for hatred or sin. The real source of these type of situations is the sin nature found in everyone. We know how to handle sin and we must respond biblically and spiritually when addressing the source of these violent acts.

People have the freedom to choose and while some choose to act sinfully the believer cannot. The believer cannot take away the rights of others nor can they impose their ways upon those who do not believe as they do. Christians are not bullies, they are not dictators and they do not act in a totalitarian manner. They apply biblical teaching to their lives and respond to others and these situations after that correct application. They use wisdom, understanding, knowledge, patience, and other biblical characteristics to bring God properly into the situation and diffuse anger, hatred, revenge and other sins that God does not want to see reign in the world.

#5. We Do Not Follow The Secular World

We do not let emotions dictate our response and we do not sin in our response nor look to violate the freedoms of others.  Nor do we accept the explanations of the secular world but bring the light of Jesus to the problems and let everyone see the correct way to go. We lead to the right solution, not follow the secular world to the wrong one.

Jesus is the answer for the world today, the secular world is still blind and deceived and has no real answer for anyone. Their solutions are to take away from people their liberties and rights and that is never a good response. We do not punish innocent people for the actions of those who broke the law and sin. We lead the way in correctly protecting the innocent and the innocent range in age from unborn to the infirm and elderly. All innocent people need protecting, not just one small group who have not lived yet outside of the womb.


We hope these words help you in this time for we believers need to respond correctly and properly biblical because our response matters and has eternal implications. We make sure we are actually following God the right way and not assume that we are. With that latter part, we add that sadly too many believers confuse their own personal perspectives as divinely guided and do not take the right steps to correct their thinking. These people make things worse not better and they raise stumbling blocks to Christ which in turn gives those who are doing Christianity correctly a much more difficult task as they have more to overcome in their work for Christ.

We follow God not just in the good and successful times but also in the emergencies and violence that is part of our earthly lives. The world will not see God in action and that he cares if believers do not correctly follow his instructions. God has decided to use people to do his will in this lifetime so we cannot abdicate our call to Christian duty and give it back to God. People need human believers bringing the truth and the correct Christian/biblical message and response in order to see God and his ways.

It is by God’s spirit that sin is defeated but we are God’s servants and we carry out his orders correctly so his Spirit can do his role in saving the lost, comforting the hurting, being company to the lonely and so on. Believers need to be involved correctly if we want to see a change in the world.


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  1. jbcowgill

    August 17, 2016 at 2:09 am

    Very well said.

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