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05 Jul

We have time for one last post this week.

#1. Education Gone Wrong

One professor told me thinking about the future of Christian higher education is a sobering for him. If SB 1146 passes, he could be disciplined for discussing Scripture’s teachings on campus or offering a prayer before lecture a student deems offensive.

This is the line that we will address even though there are probably other points in that article that are just as important. We put in bold the key words.It is a fine line when it comes to education but if a student over-reacts then that moment should be a teaching moment where the teacher properly instructs the student on the issues involved in that situation. The student’s emotional and subjective opinion should not dictate the content of the class.There is a reason why students are called students. They need to learn the correct information and responses to what others do and say. At no time should the motion of being offended be allowed to turn a student into a bully where they force their uneducated ways upon the rest of the class or the teacher.

The teachers and the schools determine the educational content and if the student doesn’t like it, they can transfer to another school.

With that said, We are unsure about prayer in the classroom. The teacher should pray BEFORE entering class and seek God’s guidance BEFORE teaching then trust God as they enter the classroom. This avoids the problems mentioned by that professor and keeps the teacher in line with biblical teaching.about praying in secret. You do not get extra bonus brownie points in heaven by having corporate prayer in the wrong situation.

#2. Unqualified?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a Roman Catholic, become the world’s first national leader to march in a gay pride parade when he took part in Toronto’s event on Sunday.

We tend to think so as our view on leadership is that the person occupying the position serves God first and then governs their citizens wisely, evenly, fairly and justly. They do not pander to a minute minority because it is politically expedient or will get them good press. You do not blur the lines of right and wrong nor tell everyone that abnormal is acceptable and normal. Doing what is right takes courage and we can see that Trudeau Jr., does not have courage but follows the crowd. A good leader does not follow his people but leads them to safety,and the right way to live. They do not appease those who are selfish and cannot follow the rules.

#3. Really?–

Dave Ferguson, lead pastor of the multi-site Community Christian Church in Naperville, Ill., deals with the question how Jesus would choose a president, sharing three ways Jesus handled politics during His time on earth according to the Bible.

It is amazing to see how these mega church pastors think they know the mind of God then quote the wrong scripture to back up their views. Both God and jesus have picked the type of people they want as leaders, we find the qualifications throughout the Bible– Be just, merciful walk with God; do unto others…; love God with all their hearts and so many more.

The fact that God allows for secular and despots to rule is another matter and should not be seen as a precedent for western leaders to follow. They should be following biblical instructions for their lives and putting God’s character and integrity in their lives King David’s heart, not his sins, should be the influence leaders use to direct their political aspirations.Not Jesus’ answer about a tax question.

#4. While I Agree…–

Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias has warned in an Independence Day reflection that America is suffering from a “deep crisis of the soul,” facing the “death of morality” and sliding into a future with no truth or reason.

“Whatever happened to the American soul? We are truly at the cliff’s precipitous edge and the fall could be long and deadly. Why? We have a deep crisis of the soul that is killing us morally and we have no recourse,” Zacharias wrote in a blog post on his website.

With much of what Dr. Zacharias says, not just in that article but in other areas he touches upon, I think that believers need to be pointed to the right enemy as the bible tells us that our enemy is not flesh and blood, culture etc., but the spiritual beings who have free access to use unbelievers and some believers to do their evil deeds for them.

Believers should be led to do true and correct spiritual warfare not physical battles against their fellow humans. They need the right godly attitude to meet the difficult situations that arise when unbelieving humans are used for tools for and by evil.

Zacharias argued that the only hope for America is to turn to God and His Son, and called on Americans to stop speaking and thinking only in terms of right and left.

While he is right here, we just can’t leave a tract lying around or some other subliminal, covert evangelistic method but roll up our sleeves and get involved the right way, God’s way, in people’s lives then let God’s spirit do the rest

We are sliding into the future with evil stalking us but no morality, no truth, and no reason to guide us. America may be flirting with a self-inflicted mortal wound. Or it could well be a killing that is designed by a postmodern ideology masquerading as political correctness,” he continued.

Again we agree but it needs to be remembered that God has given everyone, unbelievers included, the right of free choice. We can warn but we cannot force. We can speak of coming danger but we cannot bully. We can pray but we must wait for God and make sure it is really God that showed up to lead us.

#5. I Cringe

The daughter of famed evangelist Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, says that even though the United States is facing God’s judgement, the country has not yet passed the “point of no return” and can still turn back to God in hopes of being spared the full wrath of His judgement

Whenever a second or third generation graham speaks in public. While I will give the benefit of the doubt here and suggest that the reporters may not be accurate every time they report on a second or third generation Graham I just have trouble with their comments on governments, countries, politicians and so on. Everyone is facing God’s judgment not just America and since Ms. graham ha snot been verified as a prophetess of God who does get direct messages for people about upcoming judgments from God, we wish she would remain silent and just teach the Bible correctly and let God work in the hearts of her listeners.

From what we have read of her many,many public comments, she is not privy to what God ha sin mind for America. Christian leader are not to be getting the press with these sound bite condemnations, they should be humbly leading people God’s way and setting the correct spiritual example. We do not see that in the lives of the 2nd or 3rd generation Grahams.

Lotz stated that terrorist attacks like the one in Orlando and the troubling political situation in America is proof of the nation’s dire need for prayer.

Mis-stating things is not a sign of a good Christian or even a good Christian leader. We need believers to be the ‘light unto the world’ not political activists who want a certain type of government.

#6. Show Some Respect

The governing body of the Church of England is expected to decide this week whether clergy should be banned from wearing clothing that is either skimpy or carries a message that indicates a departure from the denomination’s doctrines, while leading a worship service.

It doesn’t matter if you are an English pastor/priest or a mega church pastor or even a small church preacher or youth minister, you are God’s selected steward for his local congregations and you need to dress and act like it. You need to show respect for God and his people not act ‘cool’ because you can or think there is freedom in how a church pastor can dress.

If you look at God’s instructions to Moses about Aaron’s and his sons priestly garments, you will see that God cares about how his leaders dress. Church leaders and pastors should take note of it as the pastor is not representing himself but God and his dress should reflect what God wants not what a pastor personally wants to wear.

God has shown us that he cares about the little details as you examine his instructions to his OT priests and while he does not go into such excruciating detail in the New, he does say the same things in different, shorter ways.One example are Paul’s instructions about modesty and integrity.

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