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23 Jun


“I think one thing that’s really important in life is that we pursue our passions. You pursue what’s on your heart,” Tebow said on Larry King Now. “You pursue what you’re passionate about and for me, in the game of football, it’s the position of quarterback. I’ve loved it since I was a little boy looking up to Danny Wuerffel at the University of Florida.”

Of course he loved the position, it is a position of authority. But that passion does not mean he is good enough or even wise enough to be a quarterback. Passion does not qualify a person for any position. One still needs talent and ability and his talent and ability do not match up with those who play that position. Sometimes one needs to sacrifice their passion and see reality.


The 40-year-old actress recently revealed a few secrets that could be the key to how she stays so healthy-looking and fit.

“Like most women, I fuss about a few things I wish I could change,” Bure recently told “I am at my best weight and fitness level considering my lifestyle.”

In a nutshell, Bure maintains a vegan diet — beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds — except for a rare piece of fish, egg whites, and times when vegan options aren’t available

Her star status does not make her diet more spiritual or even spiritual than any other diet. we do not care what she eats as we look at the quality of her faith and her doctrine to see if she truly is a Christian or not. Her diet does not make her a better Christian than anyone else. People are free to eat as they wish as long as it is done biblically–in moderation and not following the world’s desire for the wrong foods.

Biblical verses granting permission for a little wine do not allow for believers to partake in other alcoholic beverages or give them excuses to do so. People need to order their diet that is nourishing to their bodies and glorifying to God. This doe snot mean we cannot have pizza or some other foods that may be on the greasy side of diet, we just need to be smart about what we eat and get our desires under control when it comes to food and avoid the sin of gluttony.


“I’m thrilled to announce that one month today the most authentic re-creation of Noah’s Ark in the world opens to public at the Ark Encounter, and it will be a great reminder of God’s Word and the Gospel,” Ham wrote on Facebook Wednesday.

I think that religious leaders who get a lot of press should be very careful in how they speak and on what they speak about. They may be God’s people for their organizations and different issues but sometimes one gets the impression that all the press and fame they receive goes to their heads. For example that line where Mr. Ham says ‘most authentic re-creation…’ he doesn’t know if it is or not since we have no idea what the ark looked like in specific details other than one window, one door, 3 floors and some dimensions. Since Mr. ham did not use gopher wood, he cannot make that claim.

Ham has explained that the Ark Encounter will be a means through which to show people the Good News of the Bible, and said that even though there will never be another global Flood, as retold in Genesis, another kind of Ark is needed to show people the way.

This is another reason why we think his fame and leadership role has gone to his head. We do not need another ark to spread the good news, we need true believers living as Jesus instructed to plant seeds, water them and then when the harvest is ready go out and reap. This new ark cannot do any of that since the story of Noah is taught to both believing and secular children when they are young. The ark has done its job and we do not need a new one to replace the human factor in spreading the gospel.

The ark cannot meet the needs of hurting people, it cannot bring food to the hungry nor water to the thirsty and it cannot mourn and comfort those who lose a loved one. Somewhere along the line Mr. Ham has become confused about how the gospel is to be spread and he is losing his credibility.


“So a church from Kansas called Westboro is planning on picketing the funerals of two men killed in the Orlando massacre. … Let me address,” Franklin tweeted to his 1 million followers on Friday. “Whoever your pastor is, he is the dumbest, most hateful ignorant man to ever lead ANY church. There is NO form of Godliness in this act … and a continuing issue of why the world sees us as hateful and judgmental.”

It is not always wise to address those groups of people who think they are acting in God’s name in the same manner that that group behaves. Proverbs tells us not to answer a fool after their own folly (paraphrased) and we need to be careful when we do answer foolish people.

Phelps cited Micah 6:9, Amos 3:6 and Luke 13:2-5 to defend his beliefs. “Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.”

Yes but that doesn’t mean that this mass shooting was an example of those verses. Christians get killed in mass shootings as well so what evil did they not repent of to deserve such a  death? Being wise is better than foolishly speaking out and this goes for Mr. Franklin as well

“He’s not exegetical. He isolates the text and doesn’t include the heart and character of Christ,” Franklin responded. “His anger was ALWAYS against leaders. Not the sheep.”

We only have to point to the sin of Achan in Joshua 7 to see that Mr. Franklin is in error as well. There are other examples where God deals directly with the sheep for their sins. The sheep do not get a pass on disobedience but Mr. Franklin in his progressive religious state does not see those facts. We could point out how hate-filled and judgmental Mr. Franklin is being towards Westboro but that would be stating the obvious.

Be wise in dealing with those who are foolish so you do not look foolish or unbiblical as well.

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