Why We Are Not Talking About Trump, Clinton

22 Jun

While many of them said they still weren’t ready to endorse him for president, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appears to have sufficiently convinced a gathering of more than 900 conservative Christian leaders that he is the best choice for protecting religious freedom.

At a press conference after the private meeting in Times Square, New York, between Trump and the leaders billed “A Conversation About America’s Future with Donald Trump and Ben Carson,” Kelly Shackelford, president and CEO of First Liberty Institute, said religious freedom was the top concern among the group and Trump’s conversation on the issue was “genuine.”

One reason is that in the past few election cycles, the only thing the candidates were fighting for was the presidential office. They had no other ideal or enemy spurring them to be great and they had no solution for the people of America and their problems. Their goal is merely to obtain the status that comes with being president, and in Hillary Clinton’s case, to be the first woman and former first lady to become President (both aspirations do not qualify her for such high office).

She brings less to the office than Trump, sorry women but that is the basic facts about Hillary Clinton. Being a woman does not make you presidential material, neither does being rich and the owner of a multi-billion dollar empire. if you compare the great leaders of the past, you will see that they had something our modern candidates lack, not just character and integrity but they had causes which refined them and made them stand up and lead.

Today’s candidates have no such higher purpose motivating them to succeed the outgoing president. The latter included in the modern group we are talking about now. Modern candidates do not have the purpose, the character or any other aspect that sets them apart from their fellow-man and declares that yes they are leaders. Too many have personal agendas which also are not qualifications for the presidential office. These personal agendas tend to alienate people not lead them to a better way to live.

Another reason we do not talk politics, aside from what we have written in the past, is that politics is now just a game which requires money to enter. No longer is the office special requiring great men to fill its vacancy as it has been reduced to a sales item at Macy’s bargain basement outlet.Everything that made that office great has been removed or shunted aside to allow the unscrupulous to purchase it at reduced prices. Sorry but a billion dollars is a discount when character, integrity, honesty and other great virtues are sacrificed in the pursuit of being President.

People need real leaders, not snake oil salesmen who will bottle their magic formula for leadership and sell it to them via sideshow acts.

Christians need to make a choice and you cannot serve both God and man thus they should be siding with God when it comes to any election, not just picking someone because they are on the same party or close to what they believe. They need to select those candidates who will not sacrifice virtues for status. Then they need to avoid any compromise.

Leadership is not a game nor is it a bargain item at the local thrift store. It is serious business because God’s creation is affected by their decisions. God has said that governments and leaders will have to give an account of their leadership  which is something that Christians have forgotten to tell the candidates for the past 30 years or so.

Presidents have a higher authority they are responsible to and they need to be reminded of this fact.Maybe then we will get candidates who are worthy to hold such power and authority.

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