Something To Consider 2

22 Jun

#1. In Samuel William’s words, ‘Only a father can adopt a slave as his son. God does not compel people to join the family, but if they choose to do so they must act like members of the family. it does not suffice to ‘feel’ like a family member  or to answer correctly a list of questions about what being a member of the family entails. What counts is conducting oneself as a son or daughter.’ Only then is true faith demonstrated for as Williams continues, ‘ Faith i snot feelings, not even nice feelings about God. Faith is not the mind’s assent to certain propositions about Jesus or about one’s own sinful state. Faith is the absolute entrustment of the self to God & God alone.’ (From Pentecost To Patmos by Craig L. Blomberg, pg. 135)


The words of G. K. Chesterton ring true: The tragedy of disbelieving in God, he said, is not that a person ends up believing in nothing. It is much worse. He may end up believing in anything. There is no way within naturalism to arrive at an objective moral law or an ontic referent for meaning. Anything goes! Therefore, it does not suffice to offer just a view on origins. The entailments must be justified as well.(Geisler, N. L., & Hoffman, P. K. (2001). Why I am a Christian: leading thinkers explain why they believe (p. 269). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.)

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