Sad To Hear 2

22 Jun

University Founded by Methodist Church to Offer Sex Change Surgeries to Students

A private university in Tennessee that was founded by the Methodist Church will soon begin covering transgender-related surgeries under its student insurance plans, drawing sharp criticism from a local congresswoman…

“The change was proposed by Dr. Louise Hanson, director of the Vanderbilt student health center, after she met with several student patients who wanted to pursue the operations but couldn’t afford them,” the student newspaper’s report said.

Hanson said she was upset that some students could not afford sex-change surgeries and urged the university to finance the operations.

She is upset that students cannot afford to mutilate themselves? Sorry but this is an operation that does not need to be paid for by anyone but the person who wants to change their physical appearance. There is nothing life threatening this surgery will cure thus it is not something that needs this attention nor priority.

Cynthia Cyrus, vice provost for learning and residential affairs at Vanderbilt, was part of the committee that considered Hanson’s proposal. She said they swiftly approved the proposition without much deliberation.

It would be nice if our educational leaders thought more on these and other moral issues instead of going where the wind blows. Wise counsel not enabling is needed to help these students and wise counsel can only come from those who believe in God and follow his ways correctly.

“Let’s be honest, this decision is not about the health and wellbeing of Vanderbilt University students, it is about the political agenda of liberal university administrators,” said Black, who represents Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District. “Our institutions of higher learning exist to graduate students who are career ready and are prepared to compete in the global economy, not to play politics by providing insurance coverage of medically unnecessary procedures while raking in federal grants.”

Somewhere our educational institutions have lost their way and now have become advocates for social engineering instead of institutes of higher education. The modern era is proving to be inferior to any other era in history because of this shift away from educating and teaching God’s ways.

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