It Is Getting Absurd

22 Jun

The following post shows how absurd this toilet agenda has become:

As a person who doesn’t like the company of persons when I’m toileting, I’m calling upon AAR and SBL to provide individual private public restrooms so that those of us who like to do, have to do our business in private are also shown the compassion and respect we deserve.  AAR and SBL need to implement a toilet policy that makes us all safe as we relieve ourselves or wash our hands.

Furthermore, AAR’s policy is biased against #PrivateToiletters and as such makes me feel unsafe and undervalued.  Indeed, I feel threatened to violence by any toilet policy which doesn’t take my personal needs and desires into account.  A toilet should be a safe, odor free, person free zone where all of us can individually do that which nature demands we do and since nature demands we do it all by ourselves, the toilet policy of the AAR and SBL should implement its possibility.

While knowing that West is joking here, somewhat, he makes a good point about the hypocritical ways organizations and government officials are acting in this whole issue. West posted that post in response to another one which follows:

In accordance with its established policy, the AAR seeks to create an environment at the Annual Meeting that is free from harassment in any form. To that end, the AAR encourages its members to use the restroom they deem appropriate throughout the Annual Meeting. Furthermore, gender-neutral restrooms, first put into effect at the 2014 Annual Meeting in San Diego, will be in place at the 2016 Annual Meeting in San Antonio. The AAR and SBL leadership have made a clear commitment to continuing this practice in future Annual Meetings.

The Texas state legislature does not reconvene until well after our Annual Meeting in November, and we do not anticipate any changes to current laws with respect to firearms or restrooms. Our members will be permitted to use the restroom of their choosing at the San Antonio meetings. The AAR is committed to the safety and well-being of all persons who attend or work at our Annual Meetings. You can find our Annual Meeting Safety Policy here:

Members who don’t wish to have a person of the opposite sex using the urinal next to them are encouraged to use the facilities in their hotel room.  Unless AAR decides to tell you that you have to let total strangers use your loo too.

After all, they do say that they are encouraging members to ‘use the restroom they deem appropriate throughout the entire meeting’.  I can well imagine that hoards of folk will want to see the famous hair lined Tilling Tub.  But I have news for you- if you come to our room to make water, you’ll be charged a substantial fee.

And if you can’t find a toilet, just choose to go to the hotel room of the SBL or AAR Executive Director.  You can use theirs.  Any time.

It is absurd and yet, this bending over backwards to appease and please such a minute fraction of the population, while enabling perverts to continue in their perverted habits, is not stopping as we see in the following news article:

New York City Council’s Housing Committee voted 8-0 on Monday to remove “men” and “women” designations from single occupant public bathrooms to accommodate transgender people and those who refuse to identify as either male or female.

“Most New Yorkers take their non-fettered access to bathrooms for granted. Yet every single day, transgender and gender non-conforming individuals must grapple with the fact that their choices may lead to harassment or worse,” said Councilman Daniel Dromm, (D-Queens), the measure’s prime sponsor, according to the New York Post.

“There’s an added bonus: Anyone looking for an unoccupied bathroom will now have more options,” he claims.

The new policy is expected to be approved by the city Council and Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Earlier this month, NYC launched the nation’s first government-sponsored citywide bathroom ad campaign that encourages people to: “Use the restroom consistent with who you are. Look past pink and blue.”

It is very obvious that much of America and the rest of the Western World has lost their collective  minds and their common sense. Christians cannot follow suit as the Bible restricts listening to the secular world. The secular world is the one who is blind, deceived and lost not the true believer and it is up to the true believer to stand up and point the correct way for everyone else to go. The secular world needs to be shown the correct way to live, and they need to realize how blind and deceived they are. Only the true believer can shed light on this issue and help the secular world see the error of its ways.

We can’t go to the absurd in these issues but must remain focused on what is important. There are more people involved than just those who reject their birth gender and all of these people and their concerns need to be addressed not just the minute minority’s.


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