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13 Jun

#1. I Never Believed His Story–spt.html

Oscar Pistorius is going back to jail. The only question now is for how long? It could be 15 years.

The double-amputee Olympic runner’s sentencing hearing opens Monday after he was convicted of murder by South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal for shooting girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

It’ll be the second time Pistorius has been sentenced for the killing following an appeal by prosecutors. The three-year legal saga that began with the fatal gunshots in the pre-dawn hours of Valentine’s Day 2013 now appears to be near its end.

But we have to make sure that everyone gets justice. Justice is not only for the victim, which in most cases turns out to be passing an unjust sentence upon a criminal. We also do not alter sentences because the person is handicapped. The Bible does not make such allowances, unless someone has an actual bible verse clearly stating such, nor should we. Murder is murder no matter who commits it and the penalty should be as just for the fully formed human as it is for the handicapped and others.

I do like juvenile laws as an exception because it gives young children and teens a second chance to get their lives right. I do not agree with trying children or teens as adults because that undermines the juvenile law system and removes that second chance. Children and teens need mercy as much as adults do. Will Pistorius get mercy? It is hard to say. He is eligible for it but is it called for in this case? Again, it is hard to say. Granting mercy is a risk and chance we need to take but it is not always called for as it is the heart attitude of the criminal not his or her handicap that should determine if mercy is granted.

#2. What Can We Say

A perverted CUNY professor is admitting to using Target and other store restrooms for sexual purposes for lesbians and others who are seeking his “services” to become impregnated, and now, as a result, is the father of 22 children.

In the graphic front page interview with the New York Post, Ari Nagel, who is a math professor at Kingsborough Community College that is part of City University of New York (CUNY), proudly admitted that he often has been using the restroom at the Target at Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, as well as other public store restrooms, including Starbucks, to view pornography and provide seminal specimens to women. His buyers then use the ladies’ restroom for self-insemination.

When you loosen the standard of right and wrong, anything can and will go.When you alter the standard of morality and make immorality acceptable then you ‘get what you paid for’.

#3. Mental Illness Needs To Be Treated Not Enabled

Residents near a newly-opened store in Illinois that caters to adults who want to live like babies are expressing concern over how the business reflects on their community and are calling for it to be shut down or relocated.

The store, called Tykables, is located in a suburb of Chicago, and features adult-sized diapers, cribs, playpens, high chairs and others items for those who who have a fetish for living like a baby, or Adult Baby Diaper Lovers (ABDL).

We are doing a grave disservice to our adult population, our children and our civilization by allowing and not treating the different mental illnesses that are plaguing society today. From transgender to those people who want to live like dogs to this, we are failing our people by allowing them to relish in their abnormal behavior.

#4. Rules Are In Place For A Reason–abc-news-topstories.html#

While hundreds of people were reported to have lined up donate blood, many gay and bisexual men, who appeared to be the target of the shooting, were unable to donate due to a federal ban barring men who have sex with men to give blood unless they abstain from sex for one year.

The need for blood was critical with at least 53 injured, according to police. A report that the OneBlood donation bank was allowing gay, bisexual men to donate has also drawn attention to the issue. The blood bank later issued a statement on twitter that they were still following all guidelines by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

But how can you expect those who disobey the rules on marriage and sexual relations to accept rules barring them from blood donation? We have rules to protect society and rules were established by God not man thus we need to be more attune to abiding by the rules than we are. Rules were not made to be broken but to guide everyone to the correct way to live. Without them, we would have anarchy and no one could be punished or banned because nothing is wrong or against the rules. In a society where rights replace right and wrong and the rules, there are no rules and rights mean nothing.

Freedom needs rules or there is no freedom.

#5. If We Demolish Everything We Do Not Like

Austria’s interior minister says he can imagine having the house where Adolf Hitler was born demolished, calling it “the cleanest solution.”

The Austrian government wants to expropriate the house in Braunau am Inn on the German border where the future Nazi leader was born in 1889 to ensure that it doesn’t become a place of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis.

Then what will be left and how will we understand history or historical events correctly? I am not just talking about Hitler’s birthplace but statues, flags and other historical symbols that remind us how bad society once was. You cannot erase the past by removing landmarks or symbols simply because you do not like what they represented.

We need to be reminded of our sins so that we can avoid repeating them in the future. God gave Cain a mark which served not only to protect him from his siblings but in thinking about that passage, that mark reminded Cain of his sin as well. Should God remove that purpose because some people do not want to remember that murder is wrong or that their forefathers were not as great as they imagine them to be?

So people make pilgrimages to his birthplace, demolishing the house will not stop neo-nazis from worshiping Hitler and his buddies. Nor will removing flags stop people from being racist and advocating slavery. Neither will removing Paterno’s statues and wins stop the crime of pedophilia. We need to think these issues through and see that sin is a heart issue not a symbol issue and we only stop sin by removing the sin nature from our lives via redemption through Christ.

We do not stop sin by removing houses, flags and statues.

#6. Coming Out Is Not A Victimless Crime

During an appearance on ABC’s “The View” on Friday, Everyday Sunday’s Trey Pearson, who released a letter last week to fans in which he came out as a homosexual, outlined that he has left his wife after deciding to no longer fight against having feelings for men.

Maybe the word crime is a bit harsh but it describes the seriousness of the issue. The Bible does not say you stay married unless you turn homosexual then it is okay to break up your marriage. The selfishness of homosexuality ignores the fact that God’s rules on marriage are firm and unbreakable. The only reason to end a marriage is adultery not suddenly deciding you are a homosexual.

On “The View” on Friday, Pearson suggested that he divorced his wife and moved out, as he referred to his wife of seven years as his “ex-wife,” and said that he meets with her and his two children once a week.

From a daily family life to once a week, this is not good nor is it Christian. Homosexuality is a mentally disturbed alternative that seeks to satisfy only one person while ignoring the needs of others.

He said he wants the Church to accept homosexuality.

Of course he does which shows that he has no concern for God, just his own desires. he has no concern for right and wrong, sin or good and evil, just what he wants and he shows he has no concern for the church or holy living. There is nothing good or of God in homosexuality. The church needs to remain firm in their opposition to homosexuality and practice church discipline on those who refuse to repent from their sinful ways.

It is the sinner who repents and changes not the church.


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