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13 Jun

Since we have internet access today and a little time, we thought we would look at a few issues in the news

#1. Declaring Right & Wrong Is Not Discrimination

Yeah, we’re not gonna discriminate based on gender identity. That’s the just the long and the short of it,” Haines School District Interim Superintendent Rich Carlson remarked.

Sorry but there has to be a line drawn somewhere and right and wrong need to be taught so that the people know how to live correctly and understand why they are being punished. Abolishing that line does not make a wrong act correct nor does it erase discrimination. All it does is allow people to do wrong freely.

“Now this is the commandment, the statutes and the judgments which the Lord your God has commanded me to teach you, that you might do them in the land where you are going over to possess it,Deut. 6:1

The church needs to practice and follow God’s instructions not the world’s. We stick with God’s right and wrong standard and do not alter it when the secular world changes its ideas of what is right and wrong.Telling someone that they are wrong is not discrimination but correcting their evil deeds and helping them to see the error of their ways and getting them back on track for correct living.

No one is helped by allowing people to remain in and practice what is wrong & evil.

#2. Justice is Not Withholding Mercy-

About 300 Louisiana inmates spending their lives in prison for murders committed as teens are turning to the courts after the Legislature failed to address their sentences, which were declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in January.

Even if a criminal does not fall under the above category, withholding mercy when it is appropriate to use it is not practicing justice nor is it practicing law and order. It is practicing sin.

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?Micah 6

Mercy helps lead people to repentance. It is not a sign of weakness or capitulation. Granting mercy is a necessary act in stopping crime and changing the lives of those who have committed those crimes. When Jesus said ‘Do unto others as you would want to be treated…’ he did not exclude criminals from that instruction. If you want to cut down the crime rate then apply God’s justice, fairness and grant mercy where it is needed.

Being unjust and unmerciful is contrary to law and order.

#3. Then They Are Not Looking Hard Enough

Countries around the world have thrown out rules barring blood donations for gay men, because there’s no science to support a ban on gay blood donation. Additionally, in nightmarish times like this, a community needs any able-bodied person who can and wants to give blood to do so.

The restrictions are or were in place to protect patients from the transmitting of diseases, especially those that have not shown themselves in the life of the one donating the blood.There is lots of science backing up these restrictions but people do not care to look for them because they are too busy bending over backwards to appease a minute minority of people instead of telling that group they are wrong and cannot participate in normal life activities.

Of course those who adopt alternative lifestyles will complain, they want their cake and eat it too and that just cannot be. If they choose to ignore the normal way of life then they must accept the restrictions that come with that choice. We do not put the majority at risk because a few spoiled little people cannot accept reality.

#4. Activists Just Do Not Understand

The church in America, we are biblically illiterate. We revere the Bible. The average home in America owns four bibles, if you are not including the devices that we have. Yet, we don’t read the Bible,” Jimenez explained. “We can talk about all these issues and I am sure we will talk about some of them but the biggest issue is that we have a whole nation of Christians that are biblically illiterate.”

Our senior pastor, who went to Dallas Theological Seminary, he looks at me and he says, ‘We don’t have time to discuss these types of issues. We got people in the hospital, people to bury and I have a sermon to write for Sunday,'” Jimenez recalled. “This is a massive, multi-million dollar church and we were doing nothing to fight for people’s rights and protect unborn babies. Afterwards, I planned meetings with every single pastor and they all agreed with me but no one was doing anything about it.”

Pastors take their marching orders from God not him. He may be called to work on these issues but that call doe snot include telling others that they must do what he wants them to do. Pastors, as illustrated in the second quote, have other duties to perform and there is so little time available to do everything that needs to be done. That is why God gave us a church body with different parts. Some people do the political issues while pastors take care of them spiritually.

You cannot drop the spiritual nurturing to be an activist because how will the activist become biblically literate if no one is teaching them and ministering to their needs? If that guy wants believers to be spiritually literate then he needs to educate himself on the function of the church body and how it works. Not everyone is called to do his job.

Then just because Pastors do not do things his way doe snot mean that they are not doing something about rights and unborn children. There isn’t only his way of doing things and God is free to use any number of holy methods to achieve the same goal. Pastors who teach morality, right and wrong and all about sin, also address the issues raised in that activist’s comments.

Activists need to understand that they and God’s people are to follow God’s leading and God has told us what to do in the Bible. How we are to do it depends on the hearts we are trying to reach. We cannot be activists if we disobey God and his instructions. That would be hypocrisy and that would ruin the activists’ work. Believers do need to understand how God works and how the church is set up and then work together, not insult them by saying someone is biblically illiterate when they do not do things your way.

#5. Are They Prophets?–

Just as God punished Israel for sacrificing their sons and daughters to the demons in Psalm 106, Jason and David Benham argued Saturday that America is already being punished by God for allowing the rise of abortion to kill nearly 60 million innocent babies in the last 40-plus years.

I have trouble when famous Christians make these type of statements.Ruth Graham does it as well.I do not see their words supported by the Bible or the current state of affairs. Usually when God judges a nation he sends a warning and a call to repentance, remember Jonah and other biblical prophets? Where is the call to repent here? If judgment is already happening why did not God give them a corporate chance to change their ways first before judgment was imposed?

A lot of times, these statements are made because famous Christians need to make such comments to keep their names in the news and help their popularity. The comments rarely have anything to do with God or the reality of the situation. And while their comments about the church falling asleep may be accurate, let’s not over-generalize for there are many believers and congregations out there who do things God’s way correctly. Let’s not accuse people of things they are not doing.

We as a Church need to wake up and bring the culture back to the almighty God,” David Benham contended.

This is a great sound bite but it also displays a little naiveness on the parts of those brothers. The church can’t bring the culture back to God if the culture chooses not to go in that direction. Everyone gets to choose and just because the culture chooses something different doesn’t mean that the church has failed. It just means that the culture wants something different from what the church offers.


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