Quotes On Science 7

10 Jun

#1.Science cannot supply faith in a loving God, and a God whom we can love.
-Henry Ward Beecher, Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit

Technically it could if science was not dominated by the secular, dark, deceived world and allowed to point people to Jesus and God. As it stands and as it is currently designed, science is incapable of supplying faith in a loving God.

If science was geared to produce the truth and the correct answers as God wanted it to do, then yes it would be able to ‘supply faith in a loving God’ and help us see the God we could love. We cannot expect the secular world, which is led by the enemy of God, to do God’s bidding nor lead people to him or paint him in an accurate portrayal of who he is because the secular world is influenced by unbelief and evil.

If we want science to do as the speaker of that quote wants, then it is up to the believer to stop listening and following secular scientists and proclaim the truth instead of wild theories. It is the fault of the believer that the message of a loving God is not heard from science.

The believer’s light has been extinguished in the field of science due to the bullying by the unbelieving world, the threats made against believers and those who see God through their work and by the failure of the believer to listen to God and his word over the secular scientific experts.


#2.It may be that in the practice of religion men have real evidence of the Being of God. If that is so, it is merely fallacious to refuse consideration of this evidence because no similar evidence is forthcoming from the study of physics, astronomy or biology.
-William Temple, Nature, Man and God

And Mr. Temple has it correct. Science has long thought that for something to be true, the different scientific research fields must confirm it. This is arrogance at its best. Truth is not in the realm of science though some truth can be discovered through those fields, nor does science have the monopoly on the truth and all other aspects of life are left wanting.

There are many reasons why similar evidence is not forthcoming from the different scientific fields of study and the major reason is that the majority of members of those fields do not believe God, do not believe the Bible and do not want the truth.

How can one find evidence for something when they disagree with that something and do not accept its existence? The evidence will be credited to some alternative instead and without wise and educated believers sifting through the secular distortions that evidence may never be found.

How can believers get the truth if other people claiming to be followers of Christ have their eyes blinded by their listening to and accepting secular ideas over God’s word? When believers leave their divine instructions and replace them with secular ones, then those believers not educated in science, will miss out on the truth and have their faith weakened and destroyed.

There is a reason why Christians are allowed by God to do science. if the believer doing science follows God in their work then they can warn the people of the church, instructing them in the truth so that the latter will not be vulnerable to those unbelievers who use science against them.
Science is okay if done God’s way and the knowledge is used to protect and build up the church.


#3.The simple and plain fact is that the scientific method wins its success by ignoring parts of reality as given in experience; it is perfectly right to do this for its own purposes; but it must not be permitted by a kind of bluff to create the impression that what it ignores is non-existent.
-William Temple, Nature, Man and God

Again Mr. Temple hits on a key issue. Too often believers and the church have allowed those in science a free hand to make determinations they have no authority to make. This failure to keep scientist sin check and on the right track has brought confusion to the church and allowed for its members to be vulnerable to the attacks of evil who use science to alter the faith of the unwary believer.

Science has no authority to declare what does or does not exist and it has been embarrasses over and over when even scientifically declared extinct species suddenly are seen once again. Science is not omniscient nor is it the ultimate authority in life so the believer needs to handle its proclamations with suspicion.
Science is being used by evil to lead too many believers away from God and the church cannot condone nor support such destructive activities. The church must be correctly educated about science and follow the Holy Spirit in how to warn and prepare their congregations so that the average believer is not a prime target for evil and its attempts to destroy him or her.

Doing science is not ignoring God’s biblical instructions. It is following God’s instructions in order to get to the truth.


#4.Scientists are attempting to come to God head-first. They must come to Him heart-first. Then let their heads interpret what they have found.
-Henry Ward Beecher, Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit

The problem with this quote is the word ‘interpret’. We do not interpret but follow the Holy Spirit to the truth. Interpretation leads to an existential atmosphere where a person may say ‘that is what it means to you but to me…’

In other words interpretation does not lead people to the truth that Jesus said we will know. it will lead us to false answers and ideas and if a person is lucky enough they may hit upon the truth in their energy wasting attempts to interpret what others and God have written or said.

No, interpretation is not the tool of the believer. Getting to the truth is and if that means we work a little harder in understanding and clarifying what someone has spoken or written, so be it. The truth is not to be sacrificed even when people are too lazy to work to get to it.
Laziness is not a fruit of the spirit.

This ends our series on Science quotes. We hope you have learned from it and have altered your ideas on that field of research and brought them in line with how God wants you to view that subject and how it applies to scripture.

Whether we continue posting on this website is too be determined at a later date. As we mentioned in a post that has now been removed, we do not get support for this work and that lack has taken its toll.

The same goes for our magazine. We are disappointed in how people have opted for the free option when they can afford to purchase our product.
We do not place pay walls on our work as we feel that those who truly cannot afford the information should not be barred or kept from obtaining it. Those who take advantage of our kindness ruin it for everyone and they hinder the work of Christ by their selfishness and inconsideration for others.

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