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10 Jun

#1.All science has God as its author and giver. Much is heard of the conflict between science and religion, and of the contrast between sacred and secular. There may be aspects of truth to which religion is the gate, as indeed there are aspects of truth to which particular sciences are the gate. But if there be a Creator, and if truth be one of his attributes, then everything that is true can claim his authorship, and every search for truth can claim his authority.
-Michael Ramsey, in Margaret Duggan, Through the Year with Michael Ramsey

This is just not true. with God omitted from the club of science, all science does NOT have God as its author and giver. When people ignore the truth and turn to their own or evil’s way of doing things, or pursue those alternatives that have no origin in God then they are not following God nor have God as their author or giver. They have another source for their science and it is a source that is the enemy of God not his friend.

The enemies of God tell people that God and the Bible are wrong and that science and certain select, elite humans know more than either of them. The enemies of God turn the eyes of the people of Jesus and on to their own ideas, their own understanding and their own thinking, raising in them a spirit of rebellion and disobedience not one of humble obedience to God’s word.

Science is not the gate to truth for truth, just like knowledge, comes from many sources and if science is not following the Holy Spirit to the truth then it is incapable of discovering any truth. What it does discover is so tainted, corrupt and deceitful that any nuggets of truth found by science are overwhelmed by the unbelief which motivates faulty science towards those negative discoveries.

The last line is only true if the truth discovered is the actual truth Jesus told us about and said the Holy Spirit would lead us to. Anything else is not truth but a lie masquerading as truth in hopes of destroying those who adopt its deception.


#2.Science investigates; religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge which is power; religion gives man wisdom which is control. Science deals mainly with facts; religion deals mainly with values. The two are not rivals. They are complementary. Science keeps religion from sinking into the valley of crippling irrationalism and paralyzing obscurantism. Religion prevents science from falling into the marsh of obsolete materialism and moral nihilism.
-Martin Luther King, in Coretta Scott King, The Words of Martin Luther King

This quote again shows the naïve nature of those men who are considered great by their fellow humans. Science is not the only investigative tool available to mankind. Curiosity is but one alternative to the scientific method and the latter does not hold a monopoly over the tool of investigation.

Just because something was not discovered via science does not mean it was not discovered or is in error and just because science cannot duplicate an event or discovery does not mean that the event or discovery does not exist or did not take place.

Science is not the final arbitrator on matters of life or this world. It also does not deal with facts for facts get in the way of the construction of hypothesis and theories. We could say that facts ruin much scientific work for when the facts are known, the investigation is over.

The only way science and religion are complimentary is if both are working for the same boss and both stay within their divinely given boundaries. Once science crosses its boundaries and interferes in the matters of faith and religion it is no longer complimentary to religion but an interloper and usurper of authority.


Science becomes an enemy of religion when it attacks the latter and declares its claims as false. Science does not keep religion from anything as unless it is following divine marching orders, it has already descended into irrationalism and obscurantism and is waiting for religion to follow and joinit in its pool of absurdity.
We know this because of the surge in descriptions about Neanderthals that have been given a lot of press lately. Religion cannot keep science from falling into ‘obsolete materialism and moral nihilism’ because following either the divine path or those aspects of life are a product of choice not force. And when science chooses to reject the divine way then it has no alternative but to descend to the depths of depravity it has sunk to already.


#3.Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve. Music and art are, to an extent, also attempts to solve or at least express the mystery. But to my mind the more we progress with either the more we are brought into harmony with all nature itself. And that is one of the great services of science to the individual.
-Max Planck, Where is Science Going?

But that conclusion can only come about if the motives and practices of science and its adherents are pure, uncorrupted, untainted and not affected by outside forces or mitigating factors which lure and tempt the basic human toward alternative conclusions.

Science, as it is practiced now, without the help of God will fail in this endeavor for there are far too many alternative opinions existing in the world for that field to work together in harmony. Also, since it is led by evil, it only has confusion as its guide and not clarity or truth to help it watch its step as it continues in its quest to obtain knowledge.


#4.Every serious scientific worker is painfully conscious of this involuntary relegation to an ever-narrowing sphere of knowledge, which threatens to deprive the investigator of his broad horizon and degrades him to the level of a mechanic.
-Albert Einstein, Ideas and Opinions

This is something that the people of science have to realize and accept. There is only so much knowledge available in this world as Paul says, we see through the glass darkly (paraphrased). In other words we do not have access to all of God’s knowledge, but what God has allowed us to know.

Science needs to change its purpose. Instead of being a field in pursuit of knowledge it needs to replace that objective with a new one, the pursuit of truth. Only truth will help the people. Nothing else will and science’s ignorance of the truth renders it a field that wastes everyone’s time and money.

If God gave us all the knowledge he has access to then we would not need faith and the Bible would have to be rewritten and Christianity changed. Faith is the key no matter what we do in this life and the pursuit of knowledge is futile without faith.

We cannot be satisfied with knowledge only for when we come to the end of learning new things, what will science do? That field is not prepared nor equipped to handle the end of acquiring new knowledge. science does not build upon the truth, thus it is like the man whom Jesus said builds upon the sand. One crisis and the scientific house of cards tumbles over, destroyed as it is not able to withstand what comes its way.

This is why the people of God seek and build upon the truth. For the truth gives them the solid foundation they need, and the correct building materials to use to construct their lives. They can withstand troubles because they built upon the rock of truth.

It is the truth Jesus said we will know and he did not limit acquiring that information to the scientific method alone. This is why believers can stand up and say that secular science is wrong and why we can reject the ideas and theories of secular science.

The adherents of secular science are the foolish ones for they are building upon sand only and the believer is taught to avoid such structures for they are unstable and weak. The people of science are building upon their own desires or evil’s influence and neither can stand in the face of truth or Jesus.

Make the right choice and stop listening to those scientific people who refuse to believe God and follow his ways and build your lives upon the truth. The truth is in the bible regardless of what others may claim. God does not lie and that should sustain believers when faced with those alternative arguments from those who reject God and his ways.

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