Quotes On Science 5

10 Jun

#1.How could science be an enemy of religion when God commanded man to be a scientist the day He told him to rule the earth and subject it?
Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, The Life of All Living

This quote shows the naïve nature of many religious leaders. Not just the Roman Catholic leaders but those from all religions as they fail to apply God’s biblical instructions to the field of science. The above quote shows that the Bishop did not apply the biblical instruction concerning true and false teachings and true and false teachers to that field and now includes the false knowledge with the true information.

Science is the enemy of Christianity when it tells the world that both God and the Bible are wrong. If God had commanded man to be a scientist, he would not tell man to ignore his guidelines in pursuit of that endeavor.

The Bishop seems to have forgotten that little detail in his haste to look inclusive and scientific as well as accepting of what science reveals. But being ‘inclusive’, ‘scientific’ and ‘accepting’ is of no value when one allows for sin and false teaching to enter into God’s holy domain.

What good is being inclusive, etc., when we do not protect people from that which destroys? Church leaders need to be right or correct not seen as being scientific or accepting of science when certain aspects of that field of research lead people away from the truth.


#2.. . . scientists have made no clear effort to become an important, independently active force of mankind. Whole congresses at a time, they back away from the suffering of others; it is more comfortable to stay within the bounds of science.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Lecture

This is one of the failings of science as its compassion is lacking as its members prefer to send money on useless experiments instead of using their intellect to alleviate the suffering of those who for reasons beyond their control, do not have enough funds to eat or whatever the next day.

Secular science prefers to waste resources and money on exploring non-existent processes and species of man or spending it on super colliders which offer man nothing of value. They will be responsible for their misuse of funds, resources and talents.

#3.I find it as difficult to understand a scientist who does not acknowledge the presence of a superior rationality behind the existence of the universe as it is to comprehend a theologian who would deny the advances of science. And there is certainly no scientific reason why God cannot retain the same position in our modern world that he held before we began probing his creation with telescope and cyclotron.
Wernher von Braun

What he does not understand is that the theologian is under a different set of rules than the unbeliever and those rules are unbending and unforgiving. We deny certain advances of science because those advances lead people away from the truth and from God.

Of course, some people go too far in their rejection of science, painting the whole field evil when science was created to help us understand what God made and how those items work. God did not give science a mandate to investigate ‘how things were made’ because he already told us how they were made.

God does not want science and scientists wasting their time exploring non-existent issues as there is a world of hurting and suffering people out there in need of the abilities of scientists. Bart Ehrman spends a lot of time blaming God for the suffering of people in the world but he really should be blaming those people who made the sinful choices that brought suffering to those people.

Everyone likes to blame God but refuse to see that suffering is sourced in the decisions of humans. Albert Speer was the only NAZI to take responsibility for his and other NAZIs actions, which is why he was given a lighter sentence than other NAZI leaders held for trial at Nuremberg. But those who cause suffering to others and those who blame God for that suffering, refuse to place the blame where it lies and take responsibility for their own actions and decisions.

Suffering exists in the world because most humans ignore God and his ways opting for evil over good. Humans not God are to blame for letting others suffer each day.

#4.Science sees everything mechanically, through part of the moving-instinctive centre. It has no answer to human needs in a crisis.
A.R. Orage, On Love

It doesn’t have an answer because the field of science and its members are in need of a savior. Science possesses no moral code, no better way to live and has nothing to offer anyone except knowledge but knowledge is not the way of salvation, though we need knowledge of the way of salvation science has rejected it and has replaced it with absolutely nothing.

Science while bringing certain aspects of understanding and information to the world makes their work meaningless because it tries to lead people to nothing instead of the God who created it all. This is why it has no answer for ‘human needs in crisis’. It does not understand why crisis exist and has nothing to offer anyone except nothing.

Science has emptied itself of anything that would allow it to understand human need and crisis and failed to replace what they kicked out. Science and its members need God more than ever but they prefer darkness like scriptures tell us. This is why believers do not turn to science first for we see its empty shell and black heart and know that science has nothing to offer anyone.

Believers do not choose science and its conclusions over the Bible for the very same reason. Science does not have God guiding it thus its information is corrupted, tainted, and false, (for the most part) and takes people away from real knowledge into a dark realm where no answers lie.


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