Quotes On Science 3

28 May

#1. The theist is persuaded that while nothing that contradicts science is likely to be true, still nothing that stops with science can be the whole truth. –Gordon W. Allport, The Individual and His Religion

This is just not true. The theist, if they are true believers, believe that anything, including science, that disagrees with the Bible is wrong. People have elevated the different research fields of science to levels of superiority and ultimate authority yet ignore the fact that those fields are populated and led by fallible humans who do not know very much and have no way of discovering the missing information.

Again we cite the recent ‘Neanderthals built underground rings’ article as evidence for this statement. Scientists have no way of verifying that claim nor supporting that credit. Science is not holding magical powers which allows it to see into the past and declare what was what. It is limited by the facts that it is a created field of study and the people populating it are without divine attributes which would grant them special knowledge about everything.

Science possesses nothing of what God possesses thus its insight is hampered by the sin and corruption that entered into the world at Adam’s sin and by the personal beliefs of those who work in it. Science and its member are in need of a Savior and are not the Messiah the Bible speaks about thus anything that contradicts it may be and usually is true and no one sins if they contradict or reject the conclusions and findings of scientists unless they are contradicting the truth.

Science is not God nor a god though far too many people in and out of religious belief promote it to such status.

#2. Science can only ascertain what is, but not what should be, and outside of its domain value judgments of all kinds remain necessary. –Albert Einstein, Out of My Later Years

What Mr. Einstein is saying is that the research fields of science do not possess any morality, ethics, sense of right and wrong and cannot teach the world those standards. Those standards must be brought in to govern those fields of research as science without them lead us to horrific scientific inquiry and experimentation Science without God’s ways, the fruits of the spirit and so on, is far more dangerous than people think.

With nothing guiding its people and their work, with nothing setting boundaries for the same and with nothing telling them what is right or wrong then anything is right and no one can complain or discipline those who go too far in their scientific work. Science needs to be monitored by objective morals, ethics and standards and those only come from God. Anything is else is just subjective and easily ignored and overturned when the situation calls for it.

Without the boundaries of ethics, morality and right and wrong, anything goes and nothing is safe even in scientific work. This is why the removal of God is such a dangerous step to take. When you remove God you remove those boundaries and oversight and people are free to put into practice and reality whatever their imaginations conjure up and they can do so without fear of punishment or discipline. That is not science but insanity.

#3. I am sorry to say that there is too much point to the wisecrack that life is extinct on other planets because their scientists were more advanced than ours. –John F. Kennedy

When we let scientist work unfettered, it is not life they bring but destruction to society and civilization. Mr. Kennedy’s words are poignant and on target as we think back on all those experiments upon people who could not defend themselves, let alone say ‘no’ to those who were conducting the experiments. It doesn’t matter how much scientific supporters claim how good their fields of research are, sin is sin and sin destroys especially when given a free hand to do whatever it pleases. Should we point to the invention of the nuclear bomb or rockets and other weapons that kill as evidence? Why not as those inventions are not overshadowed by anything good science claims it has accomplished.

Science has killed more people than the atheist claims God has taken from this earth.

#4. The means by which we live have outdistanced the ends for which we live. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.–Martin Luther King, Jr., Strength to Love

Another good observation as it tells it like it is. Science is filled with very misguided men and women who think that ‘all science is good science’ and that is far from the truth. People have left God and adopted scientific thinking but since science has no morality, no direction, no ethical  or right and wrong standard, the switch is not rational or logical.

Science is in need of help and has nothing to offer the world except knowledge which in and of itself is not always accurate or true. Science needs God to guide it to the truth and the correct knowledge, it does not possess the means to obtain those goals on its own and without that aid.No matter how hard science strives to obtain the truth it is work in vain as the truth is beyond that field and out of its reach.

While science has its value, it undermines that value and devalues itself when it opts not to take Jesus up on is words and follow the Holy Spirit to the truth.It is arrogant and foolish to think one can get to the truth on their own and while under the influence and deception of evil. Saying evil does not exist does not change that situation. Only if science and its scientists, etc., humble themselves and say they can’t do it will they find the solution to their quests.

Being misguided does not enable a person to find the truth or humbly accept it. It jut allows them to be misled and falsely claim they have found the truth.


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