Right & Wrong 2

26 May

I leave this rule for others when I’m dead, Be always sure you are right then go ahead. –Davy Crockett, Autobiography

Yet how can a person know they are right when the standard of right and wrong has been obliterated by the demand for ‘rights’? Or how can a person be sure they are right when God’s word is declared null and void by those who are supposed to be representing God and his will on this earth?

But Mr. Crockett is correct here. Too many people in this modern age THINK they are correct and go about destroying families, organizations and so on because they have decided that their subjective ideas trump every one else’s subjective ideas of what is right and wrong. They think they are correct and do not listen to any constructive criticism or input that may alter their well-being, or hurt their feelings because they have been shown to be in error.

They would rather have the God who has power over life and death to be seen as wrong than humble themselves and correct their error-filled ways and thinking. Try to wrap your heads around that one. Here they are puny and non-powerful human beings, fallible and unable to escape the conditions God has set for them on this earth, trying to puff themselves up and make themselves seem important by saying that the all-powerful, all-knowing, all supreme God is in error and that their small minds know better than he.

It is bad enough when unbelievers do this but when those who claim to be God’s follower and received salvation from Jesus do this then there is a major problem. The church cannot function as Jesus wants when the church ignores God’s standards of right and wrong and pursue the latter half of that standard. The church is not promoting God’s ways but promoting the ways of evil and that is a terrible mistake to make.

If the church and its members want to make sure they are right first, then they need to humble themselves and make sure they are following the Holy Spirit to the truth. There is no other way to do this. It certainly cannot be done when the church ignores God’s standard of right and wrong and seeks to appease those who refuse to follow God’s rules.

That last attitude is also unfair as so many believers in the church seek to follow God’s rules and yet they see these unrepentant sinners welcomed with open arms even though they have not been made new creatures in Christ. God is not an unfair God and his rules apply to all, no matter how rich or poor. For the church to make sure they are right, they need to check their beliefs, and behavior against the real meaning of God’s commands and instructions They need to know they are doing it right and not think they are.

. If it is not right, do not do it; if it is not true, do not say it. –Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Jesus and God said the same thing first and in better words but the meaning is not lost here. Paul tells us not to lie to each other, Jesus tells us to speak the truth and God commanded that we do not lie. How many times does it have to be said before the church and its members get the message? God has laid out the path we are to follow and he has provided the correct instructions in order for us to stay on that path, we are not obeying nor staying on God’s path if we ignore those instructions and replace them with our own ideas and desires.

Nor our we staying on that path when we let others do the same thing- replace God’s ways and rules with their own. Right and wrong do not submit themselves to ‘rights’ or ‘doing our own thing’. Right and wrong exist for a reason and we need to pay attention to that reason if we want to be the light to the dark world that Jesus wants and if we want to see heaven.

“Rights’ cannot save a person from sin or evil but it does allow a person to continue to be imprisoned by sin and evil.The church needs to follow God’s right and wrong and teach that not jump on the ‘rights’ bandwagon and abandoned God and his ways because more seats will be in the pews on Sunday. God wants obedient followers, not fakes and remember he will separate the wheat from the chaff so the church needs to work to have wheat in its membership not chaff.

Parents need to train their children to follow God’s standard of right and wrong if they do not want to lose their offspring when they enter secular institutions or make the wrong friends.Teaching children and church members the truth and the correct standards is the only way for the believer to go. Forget about rights and work on right and wrong, doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong will save a person and family from a lot of problems throughout the years.

Just make sure you know you have the correct standard and are teaching it correctly.

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