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26 May

We turn our series to the topic of science and look at what some people say about that subject with commentary pointing out the truth and helping people see God.

#1. There is nothing in science which teaches the origin of anything at all. -Lord Kelvin

This about says it all. Lord Kelvin saw it centuries ago and many believers today see it but those who refuse to accept the truth about science still turn a blind eye to such observations. Anything about origins which is taught or reported by secular scientists is all read into what is discovered, not taken out of the discovery. The scientific idea of origins is all made up because the unbelieving scientists does not want to humble themselves and believe God, let alone acknowledge that he exists.

But we should remind people that the war against evolution is not against the flesh and blood unbelieving messenger but the evil forces which influence and direct those humans thinking and efforts. We need to make sure we target the correct enemy thereby avoiding turning unbelieving scientists off from the gospel and Jesus.

#2.Religion needs science, to protect it from religion ‘s greatest danger, superstition. –Edgar J. Goodspeed, Four Pillars of Democracy

But the actual science that Christianity needs is not the secular form which lies and directs people away from the truth. Christianity is not a superstitious faith but it does need to avoid false tales about Christ and the biblical history. Secular science cannot do this for it adds into the mix more false tales and erroneous theories and removes people’s eyes from the truth of Genesis 1.

Christianity is a faith of truth because both God and Jesus are truth, anything else, like the gospel of Peter for example, needs to be discarded and placed into its proper category and context–fictional writing. We need to properly categorize ancient works as the modern biblical scholar (and by modern we refer to the form of scholarship that has taken place over the past 200 years or so) has failed in doing this.

God’s science stops searching for the answers and the truth once they find it. They do not keep asking questions except to verify that they have found the truth and once that is done that is what they proclaim. God’s scientists do not follow the example set by the secular branch of that field but follow God’s word  to guide their behavior, their theories, their announcements.

#3. As soon as questions of will or decision arise, human science is at a loss. –Noam Chomsky

The limitations of the field of science should be a clue to the whole world that that field is unqualified for the  status of ultimate or any form of authority. Those limitations should warn everyone that science is subject to erroneous thinking by even the most qualified scientist and that the conclusions produced are suspect instead of allowing them to be accepted as gospel.

Then Christians need to apply those bible verses that describe sinful behavior and thought to the field of science to keep that research field and its members in proper perspective. The believer should realize that if a scientist  or science teacher teaches something that contradicts the Bible then those people are the false teachers presenting false teaching not the Bible.

Science is not the authority over God’s word, nor does it know more than the Bible or God. The believer needs to remember this fact as well when studying that subject. The believer needs to keep science in its proper place. it is a created field of research operated by limited, fallible, unknowing, subjective, corrupt, sinful human beings who do not know the truth nor seek it while the Bible is written by the only infallible, holy, all-knowing, unlimited and uncorrupted God who knows what actually took place in the beginning and throughout history.

When believers get the right perspective, then they will have fewer problems in believing and accepting the Bible and its content and their faith should strengthen. Anything else and their faith will become weak and make them vulnerable to evil attacks.

#4. We are a scientific civilization. That means a civilization in which knowledge and its integrity are crucial. Science is only a Latin word for knowledge . . . Knowledge is our destiny.– Bronowski, in Carl Sagan, The Dragons of Eden

Science may mean knowledge but it does not own a monopoly on that endeavor or word. Knowledge comes from many other sources other than science and science is not the final word on what is true or false knowledge. Science is merely one little source for knowledge and it is vulnerable to error and accepting lies and faulty thought just like any other source which produces knowledge.

Science is not immune from discovering false ideas and accepting them as believers well know. It is not divine nor supreme in anything and cannot have the last word on any topic because of its subjectivity and vulnerability to being misled.

#5.Science is wonderfully equipped to answer the question how but it gets terribly confused when you ask the question why– Erwin Chargraff, Professor of Biological Chemistry, Columbia University, Columbia Forum, summer, 1969

Science may even get the ‘how’ wrong as it is far too subjective of a field to be able to fully determine what took place. This is evident in its feeble attempts to describe how our origins took place. If false thinking and ideas get into science then it has no hope of describing how something happened. If the answers given by science are lies then they really are not answers and science has not discovered how something was done.

We cannot blindly accept the answer of science because false thinking and ideas have entered that field and the truth has been shown the exit.The truth and correct answer are not a priority of scientific inquiry thus the believer needs to be skeptical of anything scientists claim and say. The secular scientist does not have the spirit of truth guiding them to the truth. They have decided to follow a different guide to a different answer.

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