A Study on Liberty 4

22 May

This should be the last part addressing Mr. Tinder’s book Liberty: Rethinking an Imperiled Ideal.

#1. The consequences are plain to see. Christians who ignore truth-seeking or truth-bearing unbelievers violate their own principles. (pg. 21)

This is just not so as there is no such thing as a truth-bearing unbeliever. Jesus made that very clear when he told his disciples, and us via the gospels, that the secular unbelieving world does not have the truth because they do not and cannot accept the spirit of truth who will lead them to all truth.

There may be truth-seeking unbelievers, but the Christian does not take their words as gospel or from God but the truth-seeking unbeliever must learn the truth from the believer and then reject all falsehoods.

The Christian learns the truth from the Holy Spirit and he does not lead believers to those who do not have the truth. By ignoring the words and teachings of those two groups of unbelievers, the Christian does not violate the principles of their faith but fulfill them.

Then while the unbelieving group, organization, philosopher and so on may have bits and pieces of the truth, that possession does not tell the believer that the unbeliever has the truth at all. It warns them that the unbeliever is using those bits and pieces to deceive them The believer needs to be cautious when dealing with those who do not know or follow Christ, even those who claim to follow him yet pursue alternatives to biblical instruction. The latter’s words may be appealing and sound good but they are merely honey set out to trap the bear.

#2. It is the paradox expressed by Lessing where he said that if Giod held before him all truth in one hand and the endless search for truth in the other and asked him to choose, he would choose the endless truth (pg. 21)

That is the statement of someone who does not know God but wants him to be like humans. The author of that paradox does not accept nor realize that God is truth and has all truth and God knows he could not help anyone to the truth if he had to do an endless search for it.

The concept of God described in that quote makes God out to be a sinner in need of a savior because he needs and wants to know the truth. Also, if God is on an endless search for truth, how would he have the time or the ability to help his own creation/

If he does not have the truth then he has nothing to offer humans. Thus the paradox is ridiculous and absurd. It describes a false god who rejects the truth in order to search for the very thing he has rejected. No one in their right minds does such a thing.

This is another reason why science fails people. It does this very thing. Science/scientists reject the truth and then goes on a search for exactly what they rejected, only that scientists look in the wrong places, go down the wrong paths and look for the wrong answers.

Their search for ‘truth’ does not include finding the truth which is also as absurd as that paradox is.

#3. While it is vital to liberty that church and state be separate, it is dangerous to liberty for Christians and non-Christians to be separate. (pg. 25)

What is actually dangerous to liberty is to deny the actual provider of liberty access to government. In other words, church and state cannot be separate unless the church is a false one who seeks to enslave people and not bring them the freedom they need to have a good and safe life.

Why people want to leave governing in the hands of those who have no idea what real liberty is another mystery. We can say that we would need to define what church is and if that word means and includes false ideologies then no we cannot let church and state be united.

The blind leading the blind is not a smart way to govern. Now if the word church means the organization that actually accept and follows Christ then we cannot separate that organization from the state for that group of people are the only ones with the light of Christ leading the way and showing everyone how to live correctly:

Dt 5:31 But you stay here l  with me so that I may give you all the commands, decrees and laws you are to teach them to follow in the land I am giving them to possess.?

Dt 5:32 So be careful to do what the LORD your God has commanded you; do not turn aside to the right or to the left.

Dt 5:33 Walk in all the way that the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will possess

Government was never meant to be sans God’s ways and instructions. The sad fact is that the founding fathers of America were reacting against a national church, one that did not necessarily follow Christ and the truth. In their haste to build a better society, they omitted the one piece of the puzzle that would have given them that better civilization.

You cannot have a better nation when God and his ways are excluded from leading the people and the leaders. No Christian, no politician, no judge should be advocating for separation of church and state nor leave their true religious beliefs out of their decision making and governing.

You do not leave the solution to a good society out of the mix and go your own way. Nor do you do this and then complain that there is something wrong with society and the church or God. You can’t complain when God is not given the chance to set things right.

#4. Writing as a Christian, I shall always try to see whether Christianity sheds light on the questions that arise. But I will also try to see what reason says. (pg. 27)

If Mr. Tinder was a Christian then he would already know what Christianity says and how that it has all the answers to all the questions raised. Christianity is to be the light unto the dark world and the dark world includes reason.

Reason without Christ has nothing to offer anyone and has no answers to the questions raised by the discussion on liberty. Christians are not to go to the deceived, subjective and fallible aspects of life to get their answers for the latter has no answers but leads people to sin and destruction.

We believers will always hear what reason has to say because there are far too many unbelievers and false Christians who use its ideas to answer questions. We do not need to look for what reason may say for we may already know its thoughts because we have been unbelievers before and know what reason does when unguided and the Holy Spirit is kept from influencing its function.

We do need to search for God’s answers though as even Christianity fails in learning the true definitions of terms and the real answers to questions. Too many in the faith opt for pat answers or the denominational line and avoid the hard work to get to the truth thus Christianity is made inferior to secular reason by this laziness.

The secular world, because it does not have the truth nor does it have a way of salvation for eternity for the world, has nothing to offer the world and its answers do not end the discussion but adds more questions to it and keeps people lost instead of bringing them to the truth.

There is a reason why God said not to follow in the counsel of the ungodly and this is one of them—the ungodly are in need of the answers and cannot provide any to anyone.

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