We Are Not Surprised

12 May

This is the proclamation from Morgan Freeman after completing his mini t.v. series:

Freeman said that the experience did not change his own views on God, but said he was enlightened about how cultures around the world practice their beliefs.

When you are not looking for the truth but merely investigating what others believe then one’s beliefs are not in jeopardy of being changed. What he series did show was an ignorance concerning the dangers of false teaching and how evil copies the truth and alters it just enough to make it non-biblical.

What we came away with at the end of the series is the fact that all religions and beliefs share remarkable similarities, these commonalities. There they are, so we should celebrate them rather than let them cause rifts between us,” Freeman told Entertainment Weekly in an article on Sunday

Of course there will be similarities amongst the world’s religions because evil is trying to trap people into false beliefs and destroy their eternities and the only way to do that is to make his copy cat religions echo important biblical truths. Why should we celebrate false religions who steal from the one true belief for the purpose of ruining God’s creation?

We should be warning people not encouraging them to embrace the false teaching. This is the problem with those who think that they are enlightened and inclusive, they cannot see the dangers that lie beneath the facade of most false religions. They think it is all good and wonderful. They are vulnerable and prime targets for evil to deceive and mislead further, using them to entrap unsuspecting people who take the word of a celebrity over those who actually know the truth.

That point is underscored by the following quote:

I was quite frankly enlightened about some Christian beliefs that I wasn’t clear about and some places on the planet where they worship in interesting ways. I’m hoping that it leads to more conversation between people of either the same faith or different faiths [and reveals] something that we have in common we might not have known about before,” McCreary said.

Who those false religions are worshiping is anyone’s guess but it is not the God of the Bible and they have nothing in common with Christians.

The-six part series, which concluded on Sunday with an exploration of miracles, saw Freeman travel to 20 cities in seven different countries as he sought answers to some of the deepest questions people have about the world’s religions, from the belief in God to what happens after death.

We did not get to see the series so we really cannot comment on the type of questions he was seeking answers to but we can say that he did not have to do this much traveling. The answers are in the Bible and it only takes faith to accept them and change one’s life. When we first heard about this series we did not see a point to it as those questions have been asked for generations now. They answers have not changed and all one ha s to do is buy a few books and they would see the results without any fanfare or major expense.

The actor noted that some religious institutions, such as the Catholic Church, are leading the way in bridging science and religion, with the Vatican’s academy of science established nearly 400 years ago, studying cosmology, astronomy, and related topics.

But how are they bridging the gap? if they are saying that secular science is correct over God then they are not bridging any gap but lying to the people and leading them away from the truth.

McCreary added that, as a Christian, people have sometimes asked him how he reconciles his faith with science.

“I think, somehow, through this exploration, it really helped me reconcile those two sides of who I am — which is that you don’t have to believe in the big bang and not Creation,” the producer said.

“You don’t have to believe in evolution or only be a Creationist. You can actually be someone who believes all of this. They don’t contradict each other. That was a really great thing to confirm for me.”

That person is either very lacking in biblical training or he just isn’t a believer anymore but claims to be one.Evolution does contradict God and Genesis and since the theory of evolution is a human construction then it cannot and does not trump God’s word. It is interesting to note that the secular world and some alternative believers reject accepting the Bible because it is supposedly authored by humans yet have no trouble accepting the theory of evolution even though it is human authored and edited.

If you love God then you believe all of his words, If you don’t then you doubt  and do not believe him and that is a dangerous position to be in. God does not lie but humans do so why accept a human theory over the word of God?

We are not surprised by the statements made by Mr. Freeman and his producer. They are all in line with the modern thinking of people today, even those who claim to follow Christ. This investigation probably was not an honest soul-searching journey but merely a fact-finding mission so we did not expect any major theological changes in the lives of Mr. Freeman and his producer. It was a show to make money not explore the different answers and apply biblical teaching to guide their steps or come to the truth.

It was just another hollywood venture in religion in a long line of misleading ventures and we are not surprised by the content or outcome.


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  1. jbcowgill

    May 13, 2016 at 12:26 am

    Great piece. So much truth here.

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