We Do Not Do This Very Often

08 May

Over the years we have gotten a lot of likes by people who have stopped by and read our work. We appreciate their taking the time to read this website and then click the like button when they find something they have enjoyed. We want to thank all those who have done this and while not trying to play favorites or make anyone jealous, we would like to link up 2 sites we think are interesting enough that other people may like to read them.

We do not do this very often as our focus is usually on God and directing people towards him but their work is important also and one never knows if someone will be inspired by their efforts as well.

The first one is all about music:

We have only glanced at it quickly to get an idea of who is behind the work and see if the work is of interest or not and we like what is being done there. Those who are really into music may appreciate the  effort of that owner as they provide the meaning behind so many different Christian songs

The other website we will draw your attention to is not theological in nature but focuses mostly on trains, planes and aspects relating to those two modes of transportation. If you get tired of being in spiritual battle or study and need a break, this site will provide you with a good break from all the heavy thinking believers do:

Check them out and enjoy.

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One response to “We Do Not Do This Very Often

  1. jbcowgill

    May 8, 2016 at 11:28 pm

    Thank you for your great service. Whenever I can, I read what your posts and reblog some of them. Keep up with getting the truth out there.

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